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When the Clock Strikes

  • When the Clock Strikes from Refreshing Hope Ministries on Vimeo.

    Today I am going to be talking about: “When The Clock Strikes”. I want to give you hope, when you feel stalled and like nothing is happening in your life. When prayers begin to seem like they are unanswered. Let's start with Joseph.

    God gave Joseph two dreams when he was a young boy of about seventeen years (Genesis 37:2) showing that he would be a ruler. When he told his brothers, they became very angry with him and ended up selling him into slavery. That only escalated his dream and helped bring it to pass. Joseph went through a lot. He was sold as a slave to an Egyptian and served in his house until the man's wife accused Joseph of trying to rape her. Then Joseph went to prison for a few years for something that he did not do. His dream had all but faded, and things looked bad for Joseph.

    When God’s clock ticked one more time though, Joseph was summoned before Pharaoh and promoted to the second in command of all of Egypt. Then his brothers came and bowed down before him just as he had seen in the dream thirteen years before. Joseph was now thirty years old. God's plan was true and faithful, no matter what the circumstances looked like. Joseph’s dream had come true, it just took a while. 

    God told Abraham that he would be the father of nations when he was seventy-five years old (Genesis 12:4). After about ten years, Abraham and Sarah tried to make sense out of what God had told them. You cannot be a “Father of Nations” without any children, so they decided to remedy that. Sarah gave Abraham her servant Hagar as a wife that he might have children by her. Well that did not work out so great, but it still did not change God’s plan for them. 

    After about thirteen more years, God renewed the promise again when Abraham was ninety-nine. He made it clear that the son would come through Sarah, who was now ninety years old, and that he would be named Isaac (Genesis 17:19). Isaac was born just as God said when Abraham was one-hundred years old (Genesis 21:5). He had waited twenty-five years for the promise of God to come to pass, but it did, just as God had told him. Wars, confusion, Sarah had been taken away from him twice, strife with family members, delayed promises, none of it stopped the plan of God from coming to pass when God’s clock ticked again. 

    Moses was about forty years old and living as an Egyptian when “it came into his heart” to go to the children of Israel (Acts 7:23). He tried to help deliver his people using his own strength, but it went badly and he became exiled. Moses ended up living as a shepherd in the land of Midian for forty years (Acts 7:29). 

    When Moses was eighty years old, God appeared to him and sent him to deliver his people (Exodus 7:7). It had been in the heart of Moses for forty years, now it became a reality. Moses had long given up on that dream and he told God to send someone else, but God would not take no for an answer. Moses fulfilled the calling of God on his life, but it was forty years later than he originally thought. 

    David was just a young boy when God had Samuel anoint him as king over Israel. David was probably between ten to fifteen years old when this happened (1 Samuel 16:13). It does not give an exact age, but he was so young that he was not even considered to be a contender when they lined up his seven brothers (1 Samuel 16:9). 

    When David was anointed with oil in the midst of his brothers, the Spirit of the Lord rushed upon him. From that day forth, David began to grow into his destiny. Difficult obstacles appeared and divine doors opened. David killed lions, bears, giants (1 Samuel 17:36) and tens of thousands of Philistines (1 Samuel 18:7). He played music for king Saul and became his armor bearer (1 Samuel 16:21). David loved and he lost (1 Samuel 18:19).

    At thirty, David actually became king. There was a gap of fifteen to twenty years between the promise of God and the fulfillment of that promise. God used this time to refine David, train him, establish him in the eyes of the people, and thoroughly test his character. You could have randomly chosen a day from David's life and it would have looked pretty mundane, but reading the book of highlights is exciting. When God’s clock ticked, the word to David was fulfilled. 

    Jesus was thirty years old when He began to teach. This was the age that a man was regarded as fully mature and when the Levites began their service at the temple (Numbers 4:47). There were so many prophecies about His life and ministry from long before, but even Jesus had to go through a time of maturing before He began His ministry. 

    The Bible is full of examples of people that were promised something, and then endured and matured before they actually lived it. In my own life, the Lord told me to prepare myself for ministry when I was around twenty years old. So I went through Bible college and then ended up working on computers and networks for about twenty years. When I was 45 years old and had long given up on ministry and felt like I knew absolutely nothing, He pushed me into full time ministry like cattle herded through a loading chute. The time had come, and here I am using the skills that I learned along the way.

    Do not give up while you are waiting on God. Today is a part of your life as well and we are constantly learning, growing, and maturing in our walk with Jesus. When you stumble, be quick to get up and take another step. Be encouraged because you are not the first one that had to wait on a promise, but you can rest assured that the clock is ticking and that you are closer now than ever before.  

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Ted Muilenburg
Ted Muilenburg It's easy to feel stalled as humans we run on our time or time zone. Part of growing a Christian experience and relationship is becoming familiar with GODS time zone and developing patience. At almost 75 HE is still teaching me to wait. It's so easy to give something to GOD the impatiently take it back relying on our skills - when if we wait HIS timing is perfect if we TRUST.
August 6, 2017
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Joseph Adams, Jr.
Joseph Adams, Jr.

Delay is not Denial.

August 6, 2017
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Kay Collinsworth
Kay Collinsworth


August 6, 2017
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Cathy Webb
Cathy Webb

Thank you, Pastor Dion, for this timely word!  God has placed several despairing individuals in my life that I'll share this encouraging message with today. God is faithful!

August 11, 2017
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Karen Gaby
Karen Gaby

A message that increases faith and brings hope. Thank you Pastor Dion!

August 26, 2017