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Join a wonderful body of believers from all walks of life in an ad-free, drama-free, toxic-free environment with live interactive church services and refreshing Spirit filled devotionals posted daily. Refreshing Hope is a safe haven where the Spirit of God flows freely.

* A completely ad-free experience, and toxic free environment.

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* An online church for those who need one.

Comments by others:

  • Thanks so much Dion. You are doing an awesome job and I am proud to be a member of your organization. Everyday your decotions seem to speak to me as though you know exactly what is going on in my life and you are a key point in my walk of faith. Thanks so much.

  • Merci! It was right on time, this one!

  • Pastor I get such a kick out of you! The way u describe the car full of pot and personal touches etc.. I live for your writings and it brings me closer to God and out of legalistic mindset! A million thanks!!