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  • 129 members led by Maureen Germain
    This private (all are welcome, but only group members see the posts) group is here to support parents, grandparents, children and others who have been hurt by the effects of being part of a broken family. These rifts may be between a parent and child, gra...  more
  • 168 members led by Maureen Germain
    (Private group: all are welcome, but only group members can see the posts) The mission of this group is not only for drug support, but for ALL addictions (ie; sex, gambling, food, compulsive shopping, tobacco etc.)
    Our goal here is to help others who may...  more
  • 129 members led by Perry Robertson
    This is a group for Musicians, Singers, Songwriters and those that love Music. Discuss singing, instruments, equipment, writing, recording, experiences, bands, music and more. Get to know the others at RHM. The only requirement is to love music and making...  more
  • 96 members led by Dion Todd
    This is Pastor Dion's technical group. Here we discuss computers, electronics, hardware, software, websites, wiring things, home theatre, wifi, drones and much more. All are welcome to join. No technical experience necessary.
  • 318 members led by Carol Pady
    I am so happy to be given the opportunity to lead this joyful group! Together we will reap the health benefits of laughter. Please share respectfully, everything rated G, nothing provocative, distasteful, just clean pure humor. Post funny pics, clean joke...  more
  • 331 members led by Tracy Carroll
    Ladies in Distress is a private women’s fellowship group (applications are personally approved and posts can only be seen by group members. All women are welcome to join!). We are here for fun, emotional support, household tips, an ear to listen and a fri...  more
  • 498 members led by Scott Ellis
    (This is a private group, with posts only seen by group members. All RHM members are welcome to join.)

    Matthew 19:14 "Jesus said, Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.". This gro...  more
  • 674 members led by Sylvia Todd
    This group is for those who would like to support each other in building good habits for healthful living, not only physically, but also mentally and spiritually! The group is a safe place to talk about issues that challenge us, to share what we have lear...  more
  • 382 members led by Carol Pady
    This group is for the Christian spouses/significant others of “pre-believers”. It also is for those who are at different levels of maturity in their faith, or maybe they have unsaved family members that they are in a spiritually single relationship with. ...  more
  • 158 members led by Carolyn Douglas
    Welcome one and all :) This is a forum for recipes and ideas that are family friendly and the budget conscious as we share some of our family favorites and new recipes that are often requested.

    If time allows, please do share or try one recipe a week. If...  more