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I Know That God is Real!

  • I Know That God is Real! from Jim Jarrell on Vimeo.

    In my last video, I said I would tell everyone how I know that God is really there. Jesus says in Luke 10:22; “All things have been handed over to Me by My Father, and no one knows who the Son is except the Father, and who the Father is except the Son, and anyone to whom the Son wills to reveal Him.”

    For what ever reason, I seem to be one of the people that this verse is speaking of. Not long ago I asked a question on social-media; “Why do so many people not believe in God?” Many people responded with this kind of answer. “I don't know which god you are referring to, but personally, I don't believe in any of the gods that people talk about or used to talk about, because I have never seen any evidence that any of them exist.” This answer has led me to do this. Jesus has truly revealed to me that God is really there.

    If I had only had an Angel come and visit me, it would be very easy to understand how so many could say, Jim you just imagined that. There is no way that I could have imagined this. In early 2006, I was experiencing some emotional issues with one of my children. My wife says that she was afraid that I might suffer a stroke because of the anxiety that I was experiencing. One Saturday morning as I stood on my back porch, thinking about how I was going to handle this situation, my phone rang. The man who was calling said; “Jim, God tells me that you are thinking this.” And he went on to tell me exactly what I was thinking. I am not telling you he told me about what I was thinking, no, he told me exactly what I was thinking.

    If you have never had this happen to you, you are probably not alone. God seems to get your attention when He really wants to. This man went on to say; “God wants you to come to our church, He has a purpose for you there.” I can not speak for everyone, but he certainly got my attention. As I have said before, my experiences in a church have not been so good. But, I told my wife that I thought we should at least go to this church and find out the meaning of this. She agreed, so on the following Sunday, we headed out there.

    The church is thirty five miles from our house. On the way there we passed maybe seven or eight churches. I did not understand why, I just knew that he had told me exactly what I was thinking, so we were going to find out why. When we finally arrived, the church was a small, very out in the country place. I just remember thinking; “this is very strange.” When I crossed the threshold of the door to that church, I wish I could describe in words how that felt. I have never had that feeling in my life, all of a sudden, I felt a peace that I just can not describe. Having never been there, I just did not know what to think. We found some seats near the man who had called me on the phone.

    For some time, I watched as the people praised God to music that I had never heard before. At the time, I had never seen so many people in what I would call true worship. When the music ended, the pastor began to speak. I do not remember how the transition happened, it just did. The pastor’s message that morning was on the gifts of the Holy Spirit. He said things that as a boy, I had been taught these things had stopped after the Apostles died. But, he was talking about them in a very present tense. He had been speaking some fifteen minutes or so when he just stopped. He said; “God just spoke to him and said that He wanted to minister to someone this morning.” This was the second time I had heard that God was speaking to someone. To me, that was very strange, but what happen next was even stranger.

    That pastor came and stood in front of my wife and I and said; “would you two come to the front of the church this morning, God would like to speak with you.” Those people did not know who I was and I considered just getting up and leaving. I knew from the things I had seen so far, I had to see this thing through, so we went and sat down in two chairs in the front of this church. The pastor stood off to one side and prayed for a few minutes, then he came over and began to speak. He told my wife that God had shown him a growth in her female parts that He had sealed it up, it will not spread to the rest of your body and she would live to proclaim the works of God. I truly had never seen anything like that before.

    Then he came and stood in front of me. He told me about many things that would happen in my future and then he told me how God had shown him that one of my legs was longer than the other and that is why my back would not heal. There is no way he could have known that I had back surgery five years earlier, and he was right, my back had not healed. He went on to tell me that if I would allow him to pray for me, that God would heal my back. I have to tell everyone, there is no way that I believed him, but I was willing to let him try. When that man lifted my feet up off the ground, I saw with my own eyes that my right leg was longer than my left. As he began to pray, I saw my left leg become the same length as my right, and I started to feel a strange heat start in my lower back and move through out my entire body. When that heat stopped, I got up out of that chair. For the first time in years, I had no pain in my entire body. That pastor was right God had healed me, but the story kept on going.

    The following Tuesday, my wife had her annual checkup that women have. That afternoon, the doctor's office called her back to say she needed to come back in, they needed to do more tests. When she went back, sure enough they had found the growth that the pastor had told us about. We had no idea it was there before he told us about it. A few weeks later, she had a surgery to remove this thing, and I was standing out side of the surgical unit when the doctor finished. When that doctor came out, he looked my squarely in the eyes and said; “Your wife will be fine, but I have been doing this surgery for a long time, I saw something in your wife that I have never seen before. She had a growth on her ovary the size of a grape fruit, but it could not spread to the rest of her body because it was sealed up in a yellow jelly substance.” He had just told me exactly what that pastor had said a few weeks earlier.

    Anyone who can tell me that this was not orchestrated by God, surly does not know what they are talking about. This was only the beginning of the story, but I will close for now. In my next video, I will tell you more, much more. I would like everyone to understand that God is so much more real than most ever imagined. It really is time to wake up America!

    Thank you all for your time. My name is Jim Jarrell and I will see you again.

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Sylvia Todd
Sylvia Todd

Thank you so much, Jim, love hearing real testimonies of His power!

September 16, 2017
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Lynn Brown
Lynn Brown

Wow Jim this is an amazing testimony!! I missed it due to hurricane and just now hearing it. Thank you for sharing your life stories and giving us hope. I congratulate you on taking over FAAD and look forward to hearing more!

September 21, 2017
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Denise Aschendorf
Denise Aschendorf

Praise God

September 30, 2017