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A Distorted View

  • 1 Peter 5:8
    Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil walks about like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour.

    Do you know who Gene Kelly is? Maybe not. He is an actor, a singer, and a dancer, not just any dancer, he choreographs his work. He was in “Singing In the Rain” with Debbie Reynolds, and Donald O’Conner. Gene Kelly was also in “Brigadoon”. The tale of two hunters, that get lost in the highlands of Scotland. There is no village around at all, no people, no tavern, just the highlands. All of a sudden they see in the distance, a village appearing out of nowhere. They are amazed in wonder and they pose lots of questions as they head toward this mysterious village. This movie is a true love story, as Gene Kelly plays Tommy, the unhappy guy who is about to get married to a woman back home in NY that is all about herself. She is a snob, but they are engaged, and the wedding is set. Gene Kelly sings and dances his way into your heart as he falls in love with leading lady of this movie in “Brigadoon”.. She is everything his fiancé is not. They had been picking Heather flowers in the field for her sister’s upcoming wedding with music playing in the back ground when it breaks into quite a song and dance scene. They part for only a little while, and Tommy finds his hunting partner sitting on a stump, in a slump. His buddy says to him, what is wrong with you? Tommy’s reply is in a song; “It’s Almost like Being in Love”. He taps his way through the song, and you are drawn up in the drama and romance of the wanna bees (I wanna be there, I wanna be with him, I wanaa be loved). He discovers, later, that there is a secret in this town. The town had a curse/blessing put upon it. To save its life from those who sought to destroy it, the Preacher of that time, prayed to God to shield the village. God answered the preacher’s prayer, and now this little village only comes to life every 100 years. For one day only, as if they always were, the day is filled will all kinds of things, weddings included. Tommy is unsure now of his feelings, between what seems to be a fantasy woman and the woman he has back home in NY. The gatekeeper of this little village is asked the question by Tommy, can he come back, and can he be a part of this little village. The gatekeeper says, you have to believe, if you really want something, with all your heart, anything is possible. Tommy finds his way out of the highlands and the scene cuts to a bar with lots of people, the room is filled with people, drinking and smoking, and the noise is incredible. His fiancé meets him and they get a table. Tommy is listening, but then his fiancé says something that makes him remember “Brigadoon”. Songs come back and fill his mind, and he sees the girl he left behind there. Each time his fiancé says something, the scene in Tommy’s head changes along with the song. Finally Tommy has enough, stands up, and tells his fiancé the marriage is off, she of course is appalled, but he has made a decision, a decision to go back to the enchanted “Brigadoon”. He has to see for himself, was it really there to begin with? He has to find out. His hunting buddy is sitting at the bar as Tommy walks by, he tells his buddy pack your bags, were going back to Scotland. His buddy says, why, Tommy says, because I have to know if it was real. The next scene shows them back at the same tree they found themselves at when they got lost in the first scene. They have a discussion, was I dreaming, did it … was there…. Then all of a sudden the mist appears where the village first appeared, and the gatekeeper appears and says Oh Tommy, it’s you, why did you wake me? Tommy is awkward in his reply, as he begins to reply, from the mist, he sees her, and she walks toward him, and he walks to her, and they embrace. That ends the movie, leaving you with , did Tommy get to stay in Brigadoon, what about his friend he lift on the hill, what about the whole town, did they all wake up early. Any way, the movie is a love story for us who love to escape into the unreality of real life.

    I will admit, I love a good love story, it makes me swoon, makes we want what I have just watched, leaves me with a fuzzy warm feeling, and a want deep inside that needs to be filled, yet isn’t !

    The king and I, is yet another love story of a hard core king who hires an American school teacher and brings her to Bannock, a land of natives wearing little sarongs, and the king himself is wearing just a thong type thing around his butt. The school teacher is dressed in a dress that could be made from a beach umbrella and swings like a bell. Under it she has on pantaloons amongst other layers. She is hired to teach the kings children proper American ways so that his household can be known as civilized. Lots of singing, and only one dance scene, but the scene is incredibly romantic and you long for a dance like they had. The king holds Mrs. Anna in his arms, and they sway across the floor until he twirls her and she lands across the room grabbing onto a pillar to catch her breath. She is in a heavy breathing state, he looks at her, she looks at him and he approaches her, his arms out stretched to embrace her again, he then says, ‘Come on”, we do it again ! By the end of the move, it is clear the King is in love with Mrs. Anna, and she is with him, and his death scene clearly shows what an influence she had on him.

    The dance is what I longed for. To be held in that embrace, oh yeah!

    The feelings we women get from watching such romance is what makes us long for that in our daily lives. We long for the man to send us flowers, to buy us a box of candy, to sing to us. Make us a candlelight dinner for two, with the soft glow of candles and the aroma of steak and lobster in the background. There is a feeling produced when we are influenced by these romantic movies. I am no exception, we women are built for this kind of thing, but it is how we distort it in our everyday life that is not good for us to do. For in doing so we set up expectations for our other half that he can’t possibly live up to.

    I use to read romance novels. Any one who has read a romance novel. Knows they can vary. They can be very steamy, or they can be like the knight who rode in on the white horse just a nice romantic scene. The authors of these kinds of books know how to get to us women. They know who will buy their books, they know who will take them out of the Library to read, and they know they can get us to come back for others that are written.

    When I became a Christian, I had to put books like this to rest; they were such a distorted view of what was in front of me. I was married to a man who was an alcoholic, who did not shower on a regular basis, who was deceitful, inattentive, and absent from our lives on hunting expeditions on the holidays, a great place for him to go drinking. Reading the books only made me more frustrated, and my view of my husband only became more distorted in that he was certainly not the man in the book I was reading.

    We are bombarded on every side, from the advertisements in the margin of face book , Amazon and to any dating site you can think of. My son pointed out something very profound, in the margin of one of the web pages he was on, was an advertisement for a Christian Dating Site, I repeat, a Christian Dating Site, but the woman was half bent over with her shirt cut very low and her breasts popping out right in your face. He even said to me, that is not right.

    So even those who carry a Christian title have used a distorted view of romance and sexuality and your buying into it !

    In today’s day, we are surrounded by a Distorted View. The way life is, if you don ‘t have it then go out and buy it, if you can’t afford it, then get another credit card or take out a loan, or cant someone let you borrow some money cause you just have to have this new game ,everyone’s got it. We are so surrounded by technology our children do not know what it is like to play outside. Those who are secure with two working parents, find no issues in buying there children what ever it is they need when they need it. Outgrown shoes, I just bought you a pair last week, no worries, well go out this weekend and get you another. You want Nikes, no problem I know that they are good shoes.

    HELLO !!!

    What values are you teaching your child? A distorted view they will take with them, if they wear Nikes now, then when they get older, that is all they will wear, never viewing life any other way and will purchase these at any cost.

    Reality, what about those who daily struggle to put food on the table. Who shop at Goodwill, (I am by no means knocking Goodwill I shop there too) and look through every item to see if they can find something that will fit there child for $3.00. They might find a pair of shoes with little wear on them; they might even find a pair of used Nikes.

    This is the real life view of things.

    Because we are surrounded by a distorted view, both male and female play against one another. If a man can not answer a simple question of “Tell Me About How You Came To Know The Lord“, then he is not the one for you. If they have accepted the Lord, and know the value of that acceptance, then they should be all bubbly in side and just dying to tell you what Jesus did for them. They should be just waiting to tell you what their life was like before and how coming to the Lord when and where that action changed their life.


    Galatians 6:7
    Do not be deceived, God is not mocked; for whatever a man sows, that he will also reap

    We become what we are influenced by. Our marriages are falling by the wayside because of Pornography. Husbands wanting their wives to look like that painted up model will go to great lengths to have them look such and such a way. The people who we hang around have a distorted view of life, and like it or not, they can influence you. Subliminal messages abound and you walk away wondering if that would work for you.

    Real life is a dirty bathrobe, kids with runny noses, fevers and colds. Jobs are lost, homes are destroyed in hurricanes. People have divots and rivets on their bodies, and they vomit when they have food poisoning or the 24 hour bug. Real life is overdue bills, and grumbling bellies. Real life is about life, and about death.

    BUT, if you have the Lord Jesus Christ at your core, and your life is truly lived for HIM, then when that distorted view comes to your minds eye you will recognize it and be able to rebuke it. Cause I assure you :

    Your adversary the devil walks about like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour.

    If the enemy can make you look the other way, or choose the other one, or go the other route, he knows too that your relationship with the Lord will be impacted in such a way that you can’t be used by HIM in the way the Lord had it planned out for you be used. This journey is filled with pit falls, rocky roads, traps set for you at every turn, the enemy just waiting for you to fall in.


    If you are alert enough to see HIS hand he will guide you safely to the shore. If you wait on HIM to make the moves for you he will keep you from going around the mountain again. We all have choices every day. We can watch that movie or not. We can view that web page or not. We can read that book or not. We can choose to eat a food we know is not good for us because we are too busy to cook at home spending way more money than we should. Having the attitude we have to eat and not paying the electric bill is an issue and it shows in your character (and in that character is supposed to be a reflection of Jesus). Bills first then food, and it may not be the food you want , you may be eating so many eggs that you feel like a chicken, but at least you are not starving. If your wages are being garnished because you did not pay a bill, that’s an issue and a reflection of your character. Now understand there are circumstances beyond your control, but if you spent foolishly to begin with, you will reap what you sowed.

    I speak from experience. I have been side tracked more than once. I fell for the lie of a man, been around the mountain for five years before I was able to be freed from that situation. During that time, I hid from the Lord, I could not look him in the face, I was ashamed, embarrassed, but trapped in the situation I was in, held in bondage by my decision. For five years, my relationship with the Lord crumbled until one day, the cycle was broken and my relationship with the Lord was mended, forgiven by a gracious GOD who loves me unconditionally. I continue to keep a hold on the coat tails of my Lord.

    But sometimes, my view still may get distorted, distracted, or redirected away from where it should be.

    Just recently, another snare was set for me. Meeting a man in the grocery store, who wore a Christian T-shirt, spoke to my son and I at the markdown rack. His shirt displayed his churches logo. We chatted for a few minutes, he said he was a deacon at his church, and I told him we were Christians and we shook hands. He told us about his grandchildren and how they wasted food and that he liked rye bread. Innocent enough you would think. He went his way, I went mine, shopping for a few more items when I saw him in the check out line. I had already saw he wore a wedding ring, but I was interested in the church he was going to and tapped him on the shoulder to inquire. He stopped what he was doing, and started chatting a little more; he told me he lost his wife to cancer that is why he still wears his ring. He told me he had five children, two daughters lived with him along with his mother in law. I told him that I had lost a daughter to cancer. He reached out and hugged me, so I hugged him back. Innocent enough, Christian to Christian, loss of life in both lives. I took down the church information and left the grocery store. I saw him get into a beat up old, old car. When I left the parking lot, he was two cars behind me. When I turned left, he turned right. He was a very handsome man, he had all white hair and a beard and mustache,( I did swoon a bit). When I got home, I looked up the church information wanting to see what they had for Easter services; maybe I would try them out. Well the information on their web page was old, from last October. No signs of an update. This man at the grocery told me what the pastors name was, I found that on the web page. Well I closed the web page and left it at that. But a few days later, still intrigued by this meeting I went back on the church web page and got the pastors email address (That was my first mistake, I jiggled a door knob to much) Maybe it was a crazy story, maybe just maybe a door was supposed to open so I wrote the pastor and told him of this man and our meeting in the bakery section. It took a week before the Pastor responded to my email. He read the crazy story of this meeting and told me he knew exactly who I was talking about and that he would pass on my email address to him. Well, a week after that, I opened my Sunday morning email to find this man had responded to my email. I was so filled with excitement I could hardly stand it. He was kind, letting me know his pastor gave him my email address, and he hoped that was alright. He also offered an invitation to have lunch sometime and chat and that he would really like that. My reply went back, and in that reply the question of his salvation experience, he could not directly tell me, but said, he met “HIM” in several areas. He sent me back another email, asking me again if I wanted to meet him and chat. He said his phone was broke, and that he was getting a new one, I had asked the question how did your phone break, he said it was a long story. I sent a final email to him asking when did he want to meet, but I also asked a few more questions at the bottom of that email: What do you do for a job? Do you love it? And I waited for a reply; A reply never came back from him, but an email from a friend of mine did. My prayer warrior buddy, one of my bestest friends, and sister in Christ. She watches my back and is diligent in her prayers for me. I had shared my meeting in the grocery store with her. (Pay attention, you can see God move here, covering me and keeping me in check)

    My friend wrote in great length, but for the sake of what she wrote, I have condensed it down.

    There is a point to all of this so please bare with me:

    She writes:

    Leslie I know him. In fact I know him very well. He is my ex boyfriend. Not that this is a deciding factor but he has no job, he has no money, he has nothing that he can bring to a relationship. I love you both and would be your biggest supporter if you chose to pursue a relationship. however, I would have to say that I do not think this is a man that can lead your household in your pursuit of a higher relationship with Christ nor is this a man who can financially support or even contribute to the support of your household.
    Please forgive me for not telling you that I knew who this was from the start when I did figure it out. I did not think another door would open it so I did not think it would be necessary. I do hope you will forgive me.

    My friend had taken me out to dinner on Thursday, my grocery store experience was on Monday, and I had sent an email out excited about the encounter to her. When we sat down to dinner, she asked me about him. So I retold the story. She knew then, it was the same man, but did not think it would go any further.

    My view was distorted, I pushed a door open, and had I not been sensitive to the Lord, I would have been in a relationship I had no business being in. I would have destroyed my family and my relationship with the Lord, something that I could not bare again. Had it not been for a loving, caring, attentive friend, I would have gone forward with it .

    Why, because my heart longs for a companion and just the thought of it brings hope and joy. We were created to be in companionship, He created male and female to connect. We all want to have that kind of caring loving relationship, especially when life has been extremely hard on us. This journey with the Lord is a continual learning process. He is the potter, I am the clay, he can allow me to fall to the ground and break into pieces, and HE will pick me back up and put me back together. He can mold me however he wants, and after each fall, I become something new. My deepest desire is to do things HIS way, to follow HIS leading, to surrender to HIS will, but I have fallen short many times, and although I am not sin free, I hope that as each year passes, I will sin less and bring more honor and glory to him as each year passes. I’m much older now, my sandals are worn, my clothes have holes, and are shredded at the seams. My face has become weathered from the time in the desert places. My hair is brittle and my skin is darkened from the continual sun. My lips are parched and cracked from lack of cooling water.

    But my soul is at peace because I am following my Lord and Savior, my journey has been committed to HIM, come what may, I owe my life to HIM.

    Be careful, my brother, my sister, the enemy seeks your destruction, and a distorted view is just a blink away. But remember that your Lord watches over you, He knows what is before you, He waits for you to ask him to guide you in all circumstances.

    What are you faced with today?

    He knows all about it !

    Always My Love For You,
    May 10,2014

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David and Dianna Wyles
David and Dianna Wyles Great Blog Leslie :) It is such a comfort to know God has our back! Thanks for sharing your heart with us.
January 4, 2016
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Leslie McLea
Leslie McLea Thank you Dianna for your continued love, prayers and friendhsip. Thank you for reading this story.   
January 4, 2016
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David and Dianna Wyles
David and Dianna Wyles It was a good one!!! Thanks for blessing us with it! And thank you for all your kind words love and support :) I really value your friendship! Hugs!
January 4, 2016
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Julie Schneider
Julie Schneider Interesting blog, Leslie! ( I love Brigadoon but The King and I are too sad!)  May God bless you!
January 4, 2016
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Sylvia Todd
Sylvia Todd Thank you so much for sharing, Leslie, great read! I do love those old musicals, too :). Thankful that God protected you from falling into what could have been a bad relationship. I'm not sure if my "takeaway" is so much that such expectations like having a great spouse or that wanting good shoes is bad in itself, but that it's important to be discerning of His will, and to follow His principles and don't buy those shoes on the credit card. Some people we know have taken what they think is a "realistic" view and have aimed too low when choosing a spouse, and I think that's a sad mistake too, as much a mistake as creating idealized expectations. In the end, it's His view that will lead us on the right path and help us make the best decisions! 
January 4, 2016
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<i>Deleted Member</i>
Deleted Member Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful, yet hurtful story. I am so sorry that things didn't work out for you, the way that it would have been wonderful if he had been the right one. I am so thankful though that You listened to what Jesus had to say and you did what He wanted you to do. This so touched my heart and I am so sorry for all the loss and the pain that you have felt. I will begin today to pray that Jesus will send that special someone into your life, that loves Jesus and serves Him with all his heart, because when a man of God loves Jesus so much, then he has so much to offer to someone special like you. God bless you and I pray for the perfect gentleman come into your life that will treat you as the lady you are. Love you so much.
January 4, 2016- Edit- Delete