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    David abode in the wilderness in the strongholds, and remained in the hill-country in the wilderness of Ziph. Saul sought him every day, but God didn't deliver him into his hand. 1 Samuel 23:14 WEB.Once upon a time, after a month-long fast, we bought a wood smoker. You could call it a rebound effect...
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    You were running well! Who interfered with you that you should not obey the truth? This persuasion is not from him who calls you. Galatians 5:7'8 WEB.The Apostle Paul wrote this letter to the Galatians who had been turned away from grace by some legalistic brothers. Though the Galatians were gentile...
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    For you will bless the righteous. Yahweh, you will surround him with favor as with a shield. Psalm 5:12 WEB.Once while at church on a Sunday night, the pastor's wife came over to me and said that she felt the Lord wanted me to get my GED (high school equivalency degree). I had left high school early...
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  • March 25, 2022 - led by Lynn Brown
    This is a group for RHM sponsored events like corporate fasts. Everyone is welcome to join and participate in things currently going on in the ministry. We love you and thank you for being a part of Refreshing Hope!
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Follow God's Calling to Go Beyond the Veil

  • Praying hands on a Bible. Being slain in the Spirit isn't enough. Find out how to go behind the veil into God's Holy of Holies. 

    In Old Testament times, the tabernacle in which the Jewish people worshiped and prayed consisted of three main parts: the outer court; the inner court, or holy place; and the holiest place, or Holy of Holies. The general congregation was restricted to the outer court. The priests had access to the inner court. But only the high priest could go behind the veil that separated the inner court from the Holy of Holies. This was the place where the presence of God was manifest.

    In order to qualify for the privilege of meeting with God, the priest had to undergo certain rituals of purification. Today, we qualify to be in God's presence not on the basis of rituals, but on the basis of our righteousness in Christ. We are all called to intimate fellowship with God, and relating to Him through prayer is our birthright as adopted sons of the Father.

    However, going beyond the veil—communing with God at the deepest level—requires that we be transformed.

    When I first started my journey to go behind the veil (the most intimate level of prayer), God used to knock me out in the Spirit a lot in church. I would be minding my own business while the praise team was singing, "We exalt Thee," and bam—I would be out cold on the floor! At times when the moving of the Spirit in our church service would go to a higher level, I'd be sitting in the back, but the next thing I knew, God was throwing me all the way up to the front of the church on the altar.

    At this point in my spiritual journey, I began to realize there was a level in God that went beyond religious experience. I saw that our Christian journey is about more than what church we attend, what we wear to the service or who is leading worship. It is about our relationship with the Lord. As we remain in His presence, we will be changed, often as a result of the correction, He brings to ensure effective results in prayer.

    Keep in mind that the ark of the covenant, which was kept in the Holy of Holies, was perfected within and without, so it held the manifest glory of God—despite its small dimensions. The more of the impartation of God's grace (the power of the Word working in you) you experience, the more your outer man will reflect His glory—and that's when His power will be released through you in prayer.

    One of the problems in Christendom is this: Too many believers talk about living behind the veil without even knowing what it means. Many have mistaken those times when they were touched deeply during a high point in a service or when they were slain in the Spirit during worship as behind-the-veil experiences. Although that is part of the experience, it does not constitute the total meaning of a spiritual encounter with God.

    Why? Going behind the veil is not a one-time event or experience. It is a lifestyle. After you enter the "lifestyle" of intercessory prayer, you are to live in that place.

    We cannot minimize the true meaning of living behind the veil by relegating it to a mere song that is sung, or to whether everything in the service has gone according to plan. Living behind the veil is a supernatural lifestyle. This means that whatever occurs in your life from that point on is the result of decisions you make that originate from the heart of God—not your flesh.

    When you have entered the dimension of prayer in which your heart begins to hold the precious things God imparts to you, you will experience a mighty manifestation of His power and be on your way to becoming a behind-the-veil intercessor.

    Fishers of Men

    Jesus called ordinary men to be His disciples. He said: "Come after Me and be My disciples, and I will make you fishers of men. And at once they left their nets and (yielding up all claim to them) followed (with) Him (joining Him as disciples and siding with His party).

    "He went on a little farther and saw James the son of Zebedee, and John his brother, who were in [their] boat putting their nets in order. And immediately He called out to them, and [abandoning all mutual claims] they left their father Zebedee in the boat with the hired men and went off after Him [to be His disciples, side with His party, and follow Him]" (Mark 1:17
    -20, The Amplified Bible).

    Jesus is saying the same thing today: "Come after Me and be My disciples, and I will make you fishers of men. Come after Me so that I can get rid of everything I see in you that doesn't match the principles of My kingdom."

    Jesus did not save you so that you could go to church, sit in a pew, shout, jump and sing in the choir. He didn't bring you into God's kingdom to have a "Christian" experience. He brought you into this heavenly realm to become a fisher of men.

    The Lord did not deliver you from addictions and spirits of depression and oppression to enable you to sit in a cozy building wearing a nice suit wondering when you are finally going to get a front-row seat. He didn't fill you with His power for you to sit idly by, wondering, When are they going to ordain me as an elder? God drew you into His house to disciple you so that, in turn, you will make disciples.

    The place of prayer is where you will receive your spiritual assignment—and the power to walk it out.

    When Jesus called the disciples, they left their nets immediately. They walked away from their own abilities and put their faith in Jesus, the living Word. They submitted to His authority and trusted Him to deliver them from bondage and provide for all their needs.

    From that day forward, they walked in the reality of true intimacy with the Lord. Today, there are a lot of people who pray, but there are not a lot of intercessors who meet God behind the veil.

    When Jesus calls you to salvation, it speaks of the outer court. When He calls you to discipleship, it relates to the holy place, the place of maintenance. But when He calls you to your divine assignment as a fisher of men (an intercessor), you can fulfill this commission only through the workings of the Holy Spirit.

    He will help you develop spiritual disciplines—without which you will not be able to hear what He hears, see what He sees and know, what He knows.

    You cannot become a fisher of men and complete your divine assignment as a high-level intercessor until you yield all to Jesus and drop your net! You cannot come into this level thinking, I am not supposed to lie on the floor—because this level requires a prostrating of your body (most of the time) and a prostrating of your heart at all times.

    Now, drop your net! Drop what you think ministry is supposed to be, and give it all to Jesus. Drop what you think God has called you to do because without a life of prayer you will never be able to finish what you have started.

    You cannot enter a deep realm with God until you lay it all down and say: "God, I'm willing to be transformed into an intercessor who knows what You see, feel and desire to be accomplished. Show me the assignment You have ordained me to fulfill for Your kingdom."

    Mark 1:20 states that the disciples "[abandoned] all mutual claims." When you meet the Lord behind the veil, you can abandon your religious claims because you have received the highest call in God's kingdom—the call to effectual, fervent prayer.

    You won't glory in being a deacon, pastor, reverend when you have answered the call to prayer. You won't care if you don't sing in the choir when God meets with you in a high level of prayer. All things religious will become less significant, and you will abandon all your titles and rights.

    Effectual, Fervent Prayer

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