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Recent Entries

  • Luke Chapter 8

     Luke Chapter 8 >> Click Here For Audio Version <<   Luke 8 Outline:8:1-3      Women contribute to the ministry of Jesus.8:4-15    The parable of the Sower.8:16-18  The parable of the lamp and the cover.8:19-21  The mother and brothers ...
  • Luke Chapter 7

     Luke Chapter 7 >> Click Here For Audio Version <<    Luke 7 Outline: 7:1-10 Jesus heals a Centurion’s servant. 7:11-17 Jesus raises a widow’s son from the dead. 7:18-23 John’s disciples question Jesus 7:24-35 Jesus commends John the Baptist 7:36-...
  • Luke Chapter 6

     Luke Chapter 6 >> Click Here For Audio Version <<    Luke 6 Outline: 6:1-5      The disciples pick grain on the Sabbath. 6:6-11    Jesus heals a man’s hand on the Sabbath. 6:12       Jesus prays all night on a mount...
  • Luke Chapter 5

     Luke Chapter 5 >> Click Here For Audio Version <<  Take the Quiz on Luke Chapter 5 when done Luke 5 Outline: 5:1-5   Jesus preaches from a boat on lake Gennesaret. 5:6-7   The miraculous catch of fish. 5:8-11 The fishermen forsake all to follow ...
  • Luke Chapter 4

     Luke Chapter 4 >> Click Here For Audio Version <<  Take the Quiz on Luke chapter 4 when you are done   Luke 4 Outline: 4:1-13    Satan tests Jesus in the wilderness.4:14-15  Jesus begins his public ministry in Galilee.4:16-30  Jesus preaches i...
  • Luke Chapter 2-3

    Luke Chapters 2 & 3    >> Click Here For Audio Version <<  Take the Quiz on Luke chapters 2 & 3 when done Luke 2 Outline:2:1-7  The birth of Jesus in Bethlehem.2:1-3  The census decreed by Caesar Augustus.2:4-5  Joseph and Mary travel to Bethlehem.2:...
  • Introduction to Luke and Chapter 1

       The Gospel According to Luke   This week we will be discussing Luke chapter 1. Here are some thoughts and questions for this weeks segment to think over while you are listening / reading. We will get feedback as we move forward and try and improve each week as we learn toget...
  • Bible Study Introduction

    Welcome to our online Bible study. Here we plan to journey through the Bible a little each week as a community. There is no set pattern and this is not a "Read the Bible in a Year" plan, it will be whenever we get there. I believe that understanding a single verse is more valuable than reading an ...