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    Posted by Dion Todd
    I have put my trust in God. I will not be afraid. What can man do to me? Psalms 56:11 WEBI walked down the aisle at Church to the offering basket and dropped in my tithes for the week. It had been a few awful weeks in a row now, and it was starting to show at home. My tithe was ten percent of almos...
  • Thu at 3:01 AM
    Posted by Dion Todd
    Therefore you are without excuse, O man, whoever you are who judge. For in that which you judge another, you condemn yourself. For you who judge practice the same things. Romans 2:1 WEBThe congregation listened quietly as the elder finished his speech on judging others. He said each time that he had...
  • Wed at 3:01 AM
    Posted by Dion Todd
    Yahweh said to Joshua, "Get up! Why have you fallen on your face like that?" Joshua 7:10 WEB.Joshua lay prostrate before the ark of the Lord all that evening. Yesterday, he had been a mighty warrior. Now Israel had lost the battle at Ai, all because one of the men with him had become greedy and brok...
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Sharing your Faith

  • Philemon verses 6-7: I pray that you may be active in sharing your faith, so that you will have a full understanding of every good thing we have in Christ. Your love has given me great joy and encouragement, because you, brother, have refreshed the hearts of the saints.
    1 Thessalonians 5:11: Therefore encourage one another and build each other up, just as in fact you are doing.

    One of my favorite things to do in this life is to share, and hear how the Lord is moving in the lives of others. Everyone has a story about How Jesus Christ has transformed their lives. I can recall the testimony of many of my friends. In times of struggle in a particular area in life, I often think about the testimony of others.
    Not all of us have testimonies of miraculous healings, but I have experienced it first hand on several occasions. I know when I see people who struggle in that area, I can rely on that testimony for faith, regardless of how dire the situation looks. I know of a couple who sold their house because God asked them to, and now they live in a property that is beyond what they had imagined. There were circumstances that took place that only God could have ordained.
    I know of people who were down to their last dollar, and on the verge of bankruptcy, and miraculously they were given contracts for their business overnight. Not everyone has a testimony about housing, but I know one if that comes up in my life or the lives of others.
    I have met a man who was passed through the education system who couldn't read. He was too embarrassed to say something, and he continued to pray. He was afraid of never getting a job. He had a keen eye, and supernaturally knew how to operate a camera, and spent years as a cameraman for the largest sports related network. He can now read better than ever.
    You see, we may not all have testimonies in every area of need, but when we hear about how God is moving in the lives of others, we can be encouraged about asking for those things in our lives as the need arises.
    I know of a good friend who kept experiencing trouble with mechanical components in his house, and he laid hands on his HVAC system, and it started to work again. I know people who struggled deeply in their marriage, and the wife prayed every night, and while there were rough nights, her husband always came home. Now they are closer than ever. He was not a Christian, and because of her prayers, he loves the Lord. I know a man who turned his back on the Lord after some really bad things happened at the church he was attending. Thirteen years after he left, due to endless prayers from his spouse, the Lord came to him at his office. His whole office shook, and the Holy Spirit talked with him directly, asking him to come back in relationship with Him. After my friend argued with the Lord, the Lord continued to surround him and pursue him until he sat in his office and wept. Today he is retired and an amazing missionary. He plants businesses in Africa with his wife.
    No matter what you're facing today, there is someone who has faced it before you. Look to surround yourself with people who will share their testimony. Hear how God is moving in the lives of others, and be quick to share your faith with others. We never know the full understanding of all of the good things we have in Christ until someone can point to an area you hadn't thought of. Likewise, if you have a testimony that will encourage others to experience the same in their life, wouldn't it be worth the time to share it?
    If you have a testimony, no matter how small or large you think it is, I want to hear it. Please share yours with me, and others to be full of faith as we press forward in this life. The best way to stay refreshed in this life is to know and understand the fullness of all the good things that we have in Christ Jesus.

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<i>Deleted Member</i>
Deleted Member Amazing and wondeful and blessed words, thank you for sharing this with us, you are such a blessing and I love to read your blogs and all the things Jesus has done and is going to do in your life. He is already doing so much through you, to touch others and to reach right down where so many of us live. You are an inspiration. God bless.
November 24, 2015- Edit- Delete
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Jeffrey Smith
Jeffrey Smith Praise God Tammy! Thank you so much for your words.  I am so thankful that you bless me with your words of encouragement.    
November 24, 2015
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David and Dianna Wyles
David and Dianna Wylesedited: December 6, 2015 YES! I do believe in the power of testimonies! My story is one of wavering faith through out life and a Father who never gives up on his children. Through many storms in life God has proven over and over again to me that he is in the drivers seat and I am in good hands. He has carried me through fear, doubt, failure, success, loss, feelings of abandonment, mental health and back, so much more.... So many times in life God has shown me to trust in his plan and know his plans are for our good and a hope for a future in him. This particular season in my life has me stepping out in faith to know that God will provide regardless of the fact that he lead me from a hostile job environment and into the peace of healing and waiting. When God's timing is right he will open that door of opportunity and guide me to where he wants me to be gainfully employed and until then I will be content that I have more quality time praising his name and serving a great and awesome God who provides well for his faithful children :) Thank you for sharing with us. Blessings
November 29, 2015