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Posted by Linda Darlene Gibson October 25th, 2016 2,933 Views 0 Comments

      “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” Jeremiah 29:11

     This year has been such an emotional year for me, late last year I began to experience some severe pain in my lower back and abdominal area. After going through many medical tests it was determined I would need to have a complete hysterectomy. My physician told me up front the diagnosis could very likely be Endometrial Cancer. I was scared to say the least; I had not been on my new job for a year so I was not eligible for an extended amount of leave. I basically had two weeks of leave which included one week of sick and one week of vacation. Beyond that, if I was out of work it would mean no pay. Which on top of the possible diagnosis the financial burden only increased my fears, so in February of this year, I went through the surgery and to the physician’s surprise, there was no Cancer. The physician informed me I should not have been feeling the pain I had been feeling however; if it had not been for the pain my condition would have led to Cancer. I truly believe God allowed me to feel the pain early to address any issues to prevent the worse to have happened.

      Let’s continue on, I was able to return to work at the end of two weeks because the Physician was allowed to use the less evasive method of surgery. So I did not go without pay. My worry and fears were in vain. Again, let’s continue on, my husband works for a Federal prison in what you call the Unicor Factory, in April he was informed his factory would be closing. He was required to apply for other jobs within the prison only to our dismay, for whatever reasons, the doors were closed. He was approached to apply to other prisons and to our surprise, he received a promotion. It was considered to be a ‘paid move’, this meant the Bureau would pay for our move in whole. If we could not sell our home after 60 days, there would be a buyout. It was great financially, but it meant we would have to leave the hometown we both grew up, move away from our children and grand-children. It meant we would have to live in a totally different state. I would have to leave the job I had become to love. Prior to his promotion, I began to search for jobs in the areas he applied to promote. I was called for an interview for particular job and actually drove out-of-state even though I informed the employer it was only an anticipated move at the time. During the interview, the position was basically offered to me and I was informed to let them know if the transfer was to occur. After the promotion was announced, I made the call to the Agency; I was offered the position at slightly higher pay than my current job. They had waited four months for me, for whatever reason, I do not know but God knew. We prayed together and felt it was the best for us as my husband only has six years left for his retirement and after he retires, we financially would not have been able to afford our home. So in July, we made the move. I believe I stopped crying on a daily basis after the end of August.

      Let’s continue on, our home did not sell, but it appraised exactly the amount it took to build it which was nine years ago, so we went through the buy-out and received the equity we had in it. We were placed in temporary quarters for 60 days in the relocation. During this time, we searched and searched for a place to rent or buy. At this point, I was mentally exhausted. The surgery, the loss of job, the promotion, the move, my new job to now we had nowhere to go after 60 days.

      Let’s continue on, my stress level was at its highest peak. I was so tired. One morning in late July, I knelt at the end of the bed and prayed like I had never prayed before asking God to lead us to the home he would have for us. After work that day, my husband knew I needed some relief and suggested we go out to eat at a nice restaurant. I told him I had given up looking at places; I told him I had just prayed for God to lead us. It was all I had left. Just before we went into the restaurant, I felt the need to do my daily search for homes in the area. Immediately, there was this home I had seen months before but it had disappeared under the radar. I just knew the home had already sold, but I made the call to the realtor and to both our surprise, it was still available and within our budget. We viewed the home the next evening and when I walked in the front door I truly felt this was it! But I had also felt that many times before in our search so I just took a deep breath and waited till the ‘unexpected’ to happen that would tell me this really was not the home, but then I walked into a room and there on the wall handwritten in chalk was my sign, (see picture below). This truly was the one!

      Let’s continue on, the young couple knew we were being pushed for time as we had to be out by the end of August in temporary quarters, so they moved out before the loan was closed and allowed us to move in on the 31st day August. In this whole year of ‘our planning’, God’s plan has been truly been an eye awakening to us both. Though it has seemed to have been an emotional roller-coaster for me, looking back, it has been this giant puzzle and regardless of all the worry and stress I have allowed myself to go through, HIS PLANS has come through with flying colors. When things seem to be all twisted and turned upside down in our lives, God is always there. He may allow you to go through some test such as he did for me and this test was to truly TRUST HIM in HIS PLANS, which I was not even close to passing.

      From my health, to my financial worries to not having a home, the puzzle pieces have all fell into place. It is strange as I look back on this very eventful year and recall all the God moments and I know I have failed him so many times in my trusting him, however; the best Teacher just keeps smiling down at me for I know he will never leave my side even when the test is going on and maybe, just maybe one day I will be able to pass the test.

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