Come to Jesus

Posted by Jeffrey Smith January 19th, 2016 1,960 View 0 Comments

John 6:37 "All that the Father gives me will come to me, and whoever comes to me I will never drive away."

To be rejected by man is temporary. To be accepted by Jesus is permanent. When you feel rejected, know that something much higher, much bigger, with much more pull in this world is with you. Remember that nobody in heaven is rejecting you. His promise is to not to drive us away, ever. We have this assurance that even when the chips are down and we are not feeling loved by someone in the natural that we can look to the supernatural and see Gods love and acceptance. This is much better than any experience here in this world. Sure it is amazing and nice to hear yes all the time, and to have others love you unconditionally. But that is very rare to happen all the time. With Jesus, it literally is all the time. He is reliable, and His promises are true. When we focus on that, all the other things that we feel rejected by, pale in comparison to our acceptance in Jesus. Think about that. I want you to reread this when you experience rejection in this world. When we focus on Jesus' love for us all other relationships take on a lesser role in our lives. Jesus is the top of our relationship status. We love our spouses and our children, friends, family, but they will not always accept us the same way we desire in our hearts. That can lead to real feelings of hurt, fear, and rejection. When we start to spiral from all of those feelings, we can grab onto the stabilizing hand of Jesus. He is there to say, it is ok, I love you and understand you. Do not continue down the path of why people reject us. What I mean is that it is unfruitful to ask why. Asking why someone rejects us may be an elusive quest that can often leave us with tons of follow up questions. Yet it never takes away the hurt and rejection. The why can also lead you to experience self-doubt. Self-doubt leads to focusing on ourselves and not on Jesus. You see the enemy wants us to focus on ourselves. When we focus on ourselves we start to burden the weight of doing right and wrong. When we focus on right or wrong we can continue down a path that leads to striving to be right with God on our own merit without Jesus in the center. This is not fruitful. When we focus on Jesus and His acceptance, we will shift our self-thoughts, to the belief in who Jesus is to us, and we to Him. When we focus on the acceptance of Jesus, we will automatically fall into living right through our faith, not our works. We have to move through this life knowing with absolute certainty that we have right standing before our Father God through Jesus Christ. Every rejection in this world will shrink into the meaningless when we see Jesus at the top of our true meaning. We are called to come to Jesus, and when we do, regardless of who we are to others, we have the promise that we will not be turned away from Jesus.

Prayer: Father, help us to see your acceptance as bigger than worldly rejection. Help us to focus our identity in You, and lead our steps into the right relationships, and to hear Your voice when doubt creeps in. Remind us of Your unconditional love through the Holy Spirit, now and always in Jesus’ name. Amen.

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