Nailed It

Posted by Dion Todd October 5th, 2015 11,313 Views 0 Comments

He said to Jesus, 'Lord, remember me when you come into your kingdom.' Jesus said to him, 'Assuredly I tell you, today you will be with me in Paradise.' Luke 23:42 WEB

Three men were stripped naked, beaten, nailed to a cross and lifted up for all to see and mock. Two of the men were condemned thieves; the other was Jesus. While they struggled to breath, one of the thieves railed against Jesus and seemed only concerned with the moment. He had no concern or guilt over what he had done in the past and wanted Jesus to get him down where he could continue his life of sin.

The other thief rebuked the first and said that they were getting what their deeds deserved, but that Jesus had done nothing wrong. Then he asked Jesus to remember him when He came into His kingdom. This thief acknowledged what he had done was wrong, and then he spoke to Jesus.

Both men were guilty. Both men spoke to Jesus. But only one man was saved. After a life of crime and now while he was getting what he deserved, God had mercy on him because he took the time to ask. God could have laughed and said, 'You worked hard to earn this, enjoy it.' Instead, while breathing out his last few breaths, he turned to Jesus and was saved.

God is merciful, and regardless of what you have done, it can be made right. Regardless of how long you have done it, it can be wiped away. A life of sin can be removed in a moment, even during your last breath. Though our sin is like scarlet, He will make it as white as snow (Isa 1:18).

It is never too late to make things right with your maker, but like a wise investment, the earlier that you begin, the greater the reward that you will gain. When you fall, get back up and take another step. You can do this.

Prayer: Lord Jesus, forgive me, come into my heart and be my Lord and Savior. Please guide me from this day forth and lead me into all that You have for me. I want to live my life for You and make every minute left count.

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