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They will fight against you, but they will not prevail against you; for I am with you, says Yahweh, to rescue you. Jeremiah 1:19 WEB

Things were finally going well in our computer business. We had one particularly large client with multiple locations that took up all the time that we could give them. For the first time in forever, we could work all that we wanted and they loved us. We even had our own keys to the building and alarm codes.

They also knew that we were ordained and the manager and employees would often ask us to pray for them or their families while we were there. So we would anoint them with oil right there at their desks, the Holy Spirit would settle on them, and soon they would be in tears.

Then one night I had a dream that I was driving a dump truck that belonged to them with their logo on the door. I was pulling a long trailer with a backhoe on it. Someone had sabotaged the trailer and had loosened the chains that held the backhoe on it, so when I turned a corner, it ran off the trailer and into a building. In the dream, the people there all started blaming me for it and pointing at me like it was my fault.

Right after this dream, we lost that client. Later we found that the company had recently brought in a new manager, and the manager's younger brother did computer work like us. In order to get the company to give their work to their brother, the manger lied about us to the owner and started breaking things, and blaming us. They sabotaged our work and convinced the owner to bring in their brother to fix it. That worked for one year, then God spoke to us again.

My wife had a dream that I called her from this company's office and that I was there working on their computers. When the owner's call came the following week, I was expecting it, because God had shown us what was coming. The manager had been caught in some very bad things, was fired and escorted to the door. They had us come back in to do forensics, recover their deleted files, and re-secure their network. God saw what was happening in our life and He warned us to prepare us for it. He cared about what happened in our business because we included Him in it daily.

Know that when you are wronged, God sees it, and in due time He will make it right. Don't stoop to their level, keep a positive attitude, keep praying and treat others like you would like to be treated. God is not a distant presence in the universe that is too high and mighty to be bothered with the small problems of your life. If you will invite Him to be a part of it, He will. We must continue our relationship with God, apart from our circumstances.

Prayer: Heavenly Father, I thank You for being there for me. I know that I am not alone for You are by my side. Please be a part of every area of my life and help me become the best version of myself, in the name of Jesus Christ I pray.

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