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Numbers 13:33- We saw the Nephilim there (the descendants of Anak come from the Nephilim). We seemed like grasshoppers in our own eyes, and we looked the same to them.
Moses sends out 13 members of a group of leaders from the tribes of Israel as an exploration committee. They were charged with identifying whether the land was good, the people who lived there were like, if there was fruit and so forth. This is the land the Lord set aside for them. The primary concern was what it would take to move into the land. Moses dint want to attack a land without first getting the right information about it first. This is prudent and we should take note about this way of doing things in our own lives. We should try and find out as much about something before we just rush in and attack.
What the Lord highlights for me is the response the majority has when they return. Out of the 13 members of this group only one says anything at all positive. It is Caleb who says we should go up and take possession of the land, for we can certainly do it (Num. 13:30).  So Caleb silences the people, and yet the people, the majority tell the other Israelites this grim picture of the land and those in it. 
What they say is the seemed like grasshoppers in their own eyes. I'm not sure about you, but a grasshopper to me is not going to drive me out of a field, let alone my home. They all saw themselves as jumpy scared and little just like a grasshopper. If you ever get close to one, you know it gets frightened easy and takes off to find a better hiding place. So, they felt small, scared, and were always looking over their shoulders while in the land for the 40 days. Scripture says that the inhabitants of the land of Canaan also saw the Israelites like grasshoppers. 
The reason they saw them like a tiny creature without any strength is because they first saw themselves that way. The only saw their own insecurities when faced with a fearful new situation.
Have you ever looked upon an area of desire like a bigger home, a better job, even a new hair style, and thought how wonderful it would be? Right after you envisioned what it would look like for you, did that little insecure voice that looks for excuses show up? That is what we have here. 
Often we can see ourselves as small, insignificant, and not able. A grasshopper is designed to blend into the scenery and to just not be seen. God did not design us to just blend in. He created us all to be great, full of faith, and full of provision. He desires to send us into a land where a single cluster of grapes takes two people to carry (Num. 13:23). The key is to be like Caleb and Joshua. They never doubted for a moment that it was possible to possess this land. It is because when you know that God created you, and you know that God loves you, and when you know that God is with you, than there is nothing that can steal away what He has for you except doubt, fear, and negative self image. 
We must understand that our belief is what will be. Start to recognize where Jesus is first, and realize that He is bigger than anything we could face as we walk in this world. 
Do not live in fear, regardless of what a majority may say. There are giants everywhere and when you have the covering of Jesus Christ, those giants turn into grasshoppers, in a land that was destined for us to live in. Trust Jesus and nothing will overtake you.

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