He Has Victory!

Posted by Linda Darlene Gibson May 11th, 2017 3,155 Views 0 Comments

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“But thanks be to God! He gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ.” 1 Corinthians 15:58

      Often times in my life I have been so frustrated and overwhelmed that I have forgotten to pray. When I would pray it was with empty words. Prayer is our direct source to our Father in Heaven and yes he does hear every one of them but he wants more than just empty words. Something I have learned is we have to pray truly from our hearts and we have to claim Victory in all trials.

      I want to share a story with you; just recently I have this ongoing situation where I know the Enemy is playing havoc in the families’ lives that I work with. Every morning on my way to work, I pray earnestly to my Father but I honestly did not feel it was getting through because every day there seemed to be yet another horrific situation that occurred. Drugs and violence was among the communities of these families. I come into the office praying and often times during the day I sneak into the bathroom for God to give me strength to help these families. Yet, there was no answer.

     Feeling most frustrated and defeated one particular day when we received a phone call from a young mother that you could hear the distress in her voice from the fear. Her young child had come from the playground and brought back a needle to give to her. I became as frantic as she, all the what if’s came flooding in my mind. I knew this needle had been used from a Heroin user; my greatest fears were becoming a reality. I had been working so hard to clean house in these communities but we still have a ways to go. I immediately called the Drug Task Force and told them the situation; needless to say I was not at all pleasant and spoke to them as any Mother or Grandmother would speak as an advocate for my children and grandbabies.

      The Officer on the other side of the phone immediately knew my frustration and I basically told them I was getting desperate to protect these families and especially the children. He assured me they were doing the best they could. The rest of the day was horrible, call after call came in as the news spread. God forbid if something happen to a child and I blame Satan for it all.

      This situation occurred about two weeks ago and after I left the office that day, I felt totally defeated and alone. I get in my vehicle and immediately turn my music on; I love Christian Contemporary music as it gets me focused. The song playing was “Even If” by Mercyme on the radio. I immediately broke down. I sat in the parking lot and tears flowed. I spoke to God that day like I had never before, and I knew in my heart he was hearing me. I told him I was empty and to please give me the strength to do this and to protect these children.

     After gaining my composure, I left the parking area and then I became angry. I was angry at what the Enemy was doing. At that point, I knew God was telling me something. He was telling me he was with me. He was telling me he would fight the battle if I would let him. He told me to claim Victory. So I spoke directly to the Enemy! I told him if he wanted a fight to bring it on as I had the greatest Warrior on my side! I claimed Victory in the name of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and I knew at that moment God was truly with me and the enemy was becoming smaller. I knew at that moment God was going to take this battle and Victory would be his.

     Since then, there have been several major arrests of individuals that have been charged with selling and distributing heroin in these communities. Since then, families are standing up against the enemy and since then the battle is being won!

Regardless of the battle, let God have it. Give him your all, give him your heart. He will fight for you and in the name of Jesus Christ Victory will be won.

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