Let's Take Heart!

Posted by Linda Darlene Gibson May 3rd, 2017 2,950 Views 0 Comments

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Let’s Take Heart!

“I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.” John 16:33

      In today’s hectic world, we can all easily become overwhelmed with work, school or just everyday family life. We try to get so many things done in a short amount of time only then we realize we often forget to stop and enjoy the special moments God has blessed us with. These moments can be the shared laughter with a friend, a smile from a stranger or even the simple taking the time to stop to pick a flower or like the old time saying goes stop and take the time to smell the roses.

      This scripture tells us we will have trouble in the world and this we know is a fact, and to take heart is telling us to have courage for Jesus has overcome the troubles of the world. Jesus walking on this earth can give us such a great peace and joy to know we can choose to take a step back and try to live as he lived while he walked upon this earth. He gave us so many wonderful traits to live our life by but so often I, for one get so caught up in this world I forget what these traits were.

      Just to refresh our memories, Jesus gave us compassion as he was and still is the ultimate servant. He is gentle, humble and most of all, he is loving and most forgiving. I personally want to have all these qualities, though I know I lack so many. But what if we set ourselves a goal to strive for at least one of these traits wouldn’t it make this world a better place? I believe it would.

      Today, we become frustrated with things not going the way we think they should go rather than being prayerful about things and letting Jesus into our lives and allow him to work it out. It is somewhat like a domino effect, we either feed off of others or others feed off of us. We, as Christian’s do not need to be judgmental of how others live; it isn’t our place to do that. We need to be the example of how others should live and I for one am very guilty of not doing this. We need to spread Peace and Love throughout our lives for other to strive to want what we have as we continue to strive what Jesus taught us.

      I have come to realize our actions do speak louder than our words. We can pretend to be this or that but God sees us for what we really are and our actions reveal our true self. Others see how we represent ourselves in every situation regardless of what we have spoken in words and I often forget that. Jesus is the true representative of what God our Father wants us to be and with a continuous ongoing effort, we can become a better person through Christ Jesus every day.

      So for the upcoming week let’s do this and see what the difference it will make in our life as well as others. Let’s pick one of the traits that we know we need to work on and strive to achieve it. Concentrate on that trait through-out our busy days and let us not let the troubles of this world overcome us but let us choose to overcome the world through the teachings of our Lord and Savior Jesus.

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