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    Posted by Dion Todd
    Rest from Stress from Refreshing Hope Ministries on Vimeo. Today I want to talk about resting from stress. Jesus Christ, who lived on Earth as our example, lived a simple life of trust and peace. When He and the disciples crossed the Sea of Galilee on their fishing boat and a great storm came, Je...
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  • Jun 22
    Posted by Dion Todd
    This our bread we took hot for our supplies out of our houses on the day we went out to go to you; but now, behold, it is dry, and has become moldy. These wine skins, which we filled, were new; and behold, they are torn. These our garments and our shoes have become old because of the very long journ...
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Ministry On The Go!

  • Mark 16:15

    And he said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature.


    When I accepted the Lord in December of 1981, I had no idea how my life would change, but I desperately needed a change. I came out of a Catholic background. My family did not strictly adhere to the rules and guidelines of this faith, but we were an Italian family. I remember as a young girl, coming out of confession, wondering to myself, if there was something more. I was wondering way back then, in my early teens, and questioning then.


    I was a young mother of 23 when the plan of salvation was brought to my attention. It was the prayer that I asked for many years before, and the Lord knew how that would all come about. My journey had been planned out as it says in:


    Jeremiah 29:11

    For I know the thoughts and plans that I have for you, says the Lord, thoughts and plans for welfare and peace and not for evil, to give you hope in your final outcome.


    I would not find that scripture for many years into my receiving the Lord. I was hungry for this new life I just signed up for, yet not yet knowing what I was in for. My home church at the time would be an Independent Fundamental Baptist church. This was my foundation, and I soaked in all that I could. I had conformed to their ways, went to classes, special events and listened to special speakers, it was my life then, I had to learn the way. I would attend a How to Lead Someone to the Lord class, and it freaked me out. How to approach someone, how to complement someone’s home, how to bring the Lord into the conversation. It felt like a sales pitch. But I took notes and passed the class. I would spend seven years in that church before we had to move to another state. Actually we had moved several times to several different states, and I have been in several different churches since that time. With this perspective I was able to see how things worked differently in each setting I was in. Yet, my foundation held strong and each place, I learned something different that I could apply to my own walk; no one else’s but my own!


    I did not know it then, but I was on a training ground and the Lord was remolding me, reawaking me, leading me, guiding me, and building me into someone different than I was before. I had no idea what my life would have to endure because I said YES to Jesus!


    I have listened to many a missionary, watched their slide shows, and have supported them in some way. I looked into their lives out in the wilderness and wondered how they did it, how did they raise their kids that way. It takes a God called family into these situations because only God could bring forth what he does in other countries. This enclosed scripture used to frighten me go into the entire world. How in the world could anyone person do that. Of course at the time, there were neither home computers nor cell phones when I was learning this stuff. I felt unequal to this task of great magnitude. There have been times in years gone by that you felt guilty if you did not get involved in such and such a way. Almost like the Catholics with rosary, seven Hail Mary’s and 16 our Fathers and all will be right with the world, and your life, except you walk away empty. Unfulfilled!


    Mark 16:15

    And he said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature.


    I have not always been quick to obey, I have been stubborn and unmovable at times, yet over the years, I have become flexible. Let’s put it this way, the Lord has put me in a position that if I was not flexible I would not make it. I have learned over the years what I can do without, what I can live without. Am I willing to eat all eggs for 5 days a week because that is what He gave me? Am I willing to be content with such things as I have when others are reaping a harvest in their lives? Am I willing to wear my clothes till they have holes in them because food comes first in line of things to get? Two years in a row I went without air-conditioning in my car. Then one day in a conversation with a co-worker, he said he could fix it for me. He even came out to my house to pick up my car. He and his uncle both worked on my car, that was two years ago now and the AC is still working. Am I willing to only have AC in my house some of the time because the house I live in is not well insulated and the air is just being leached out of the doors and windows? I have no problem with hand-me-downs or shopping at Goodwill, but you have to have some extra funds to purchase whatever it is. Even yard sales have been out of reach. Being creative with the funds the Lord has given, you even if all the prices go up around you, and what you make is still the same, can be maddening as how to make it all work.


    The Lord has taken me off the beaten laid out path that I was on and has shown me how to minister to those in my little corner of the world. He has shown me that by what I have experienced and gone without will be what helps others to come to know and trust HIM in ways they did not think were possible.


    I have never been in the box; God knew that about me when He created me. I do not follow all the rules by the book. Jesus was not in the box when he went teaching amongst the country side. Those he chose were not the choicest learned men, but these men, foreseen by God to do great things with what HE would teach them was the key to their success no matter where they went.


    In today’s day, everything is fast, we are always on the go, we have very little time with our families. Our jobs are consuming us because more is asked of us with less people to take the place of those who got fired or quit. How in the world do you have any time to minister to anyone, how do you have time to talk about the Lord at all?


    I have looked for opportunities on my later years walk with the Lord. I see where I fit some days, and what it is I am supposed to do even it if I do not feel well. I have many examples that I want to share with you. I hope you can see the ways in which you can Minister on the Go in your life.


    I frequent our Kroger grocery store, sticking to one store over the other Kroger’s in town because I know this store. I know where things are and the faces over the years have become familiar, and I have learned some names. Remembering names is so important; it makes people feel special even if you only see them once a week. There is Judy who works in the produce department; she has worked there for the 10 years I have lived here. I always make a good comment on things in her department when I see them. She has commented that all she hears is are how bad the department looks, so my comment put a smile on her face. (Love thy Neighbor). Then there is Jackie, a cashier, at the self check out. She was out for months, and when she returned she told me how she almost died. One day, I stopped on my lunch break for a prescription, and she was in tears. They wanted her to go in for more surgery, and she was deathly afraid, with good reason. She talked, I listened, and I gave her a hug when I left. We chat each time I go in to the store. (Compassion). Then there was Brenda, a woman very early one morning in the produce section shopping. She was on the other side of the fruit stand, and I could see her limping, and I wondered why. (Limping people catch my eye because having arthritis myself, makes me unstable at times). She was a tall lady, short blonde hair and her skin was weathered yet tanned. I kept on shopping and she happened to appear at the tomatoes where I was looking. She kept her head down, but I made a comment at the freshness of the tomatoes and she kept silent. Well, I continued on in the produce department till I saw her one more time, this time she was in open view and I saw why she was limping. She lost her left leg and had an artificial one on with a sneaker. She had shorts on, not hiding this at all. She was very fit for her age, and I felt a nudge from the Lord to speak to her. With all boldness, yet gentleness, I approached her and asked her out right how she lost her leg. She said it was bone cancer and they were going to take her other leg in a week or so. I said I was sorry, and she said don’t be. I asked her if she had someone who would be helping her recover, she said no. She said she had been teaching others how to use their new limb. She had been a walker and was still walking on her new leg.


    I asked her name, it is Brenda. I asked her if she knew the Lord, she said yes, and that she could not make it without him. I reached out and gave her a hug and told her I would be praying for her, she thanked me. I never saw her before, and I may never see her again, but I will not forget her for each time I go into that produce section it will make me think of her and I can whisper a prayer for her. (Intersession, caring, compassion, love, kindness) .


    My lawn guy, who is also a policeman, has been cutting my grass for three years now. When he first started to mow, I had my check ready for him in an envelope, but in the envelope, I would carefully pick out a track that I thought would be good for him. I did that for over a year. This guy has shown me so much of the Lord in his actions. Did he know the Lord before I began sending tracks, I do not know. Did the tracks make him remember his walk and did he maybe rededicate his life, I do not know. But two years ago at Christmas time, well past the mowing season, he showed up at my door with enough deer meat to fill my freezer. Last year, he had left a gift on my side porch of food enough for three people and there were only two of us. ( A heart for others)


    I am a people person, I see the hurt on others faces, I can see a troubled look in my office. When someone goes from smiling all the time to a very sad face, there is something wrong. Sometimes just a smile from me is enough, sometimes they need a hug. There are those who come to me because they know I will be honest with them and they know that I care.


    Your ministry is within arm’s reach of you if you can see it. It could be the mail man who comes into your building on a hot day and looks very distressed, offering him the use of the water fountain may be just what he needed. The Good Samaritan did not break out his Bible over the man that was beaten and left for dead. He stopped what he was doing and dressed the man’s wounds, put him on his donkey and took him to the inn and paid for his care. This man, a stranger, was taken care of by a hated Samaritan. Yet those in the church position walked around the dying man.


    People need the Lord, you have heard that line before, and you have heard that in a song no doubt. Jesus ministered to those in need, with compassion, love, caring. He did not preach over them, His actions spoke louder than words. You have no idea how healing your touch can be to another person. A hug is a marvelous thing. Although I am the hugger, not the hugiee, I freely give a hug to whoever may need one.


    A card sent to cheer someone today, is but a web page away. No need to stop at a store or buy a stamp. All you have to do is pull up the web page, choose a cheer up card, put their email address in and the day you want to send it and hit the send button.


    Life is very painful, it can consume you, and it can lead you to suicide if you are not careful. You may never know who you helped, who you may have encouraged, whose life you might have saved all because you cared.


    Jesus disciples were not learned men, they were not book learned, and the Bible was not written then for everyone to have in their possession. They had hands on, face to face contact with broken people, and they learned from the one who cared the most.


    Sometimes we don’t think we can help others, or bring the Lord to others attention. On my checks, I had printed in all caps “JESUS LOVES YOU”. Now if you write a check, most places have to look at your name on your check and they will see that Jesus Loves them. I can’t tell you how many people have said they liked my checks.


    My e-mail address begins with Godsgift , I have had many a comment on this ,that opens a door for conversation, and you get to know who on the other end might be your brother or sister in Christ.


    My license plate cover says, Angles are watching over me, and I have a little stick on fish that says Jesus in it. Now I make this one statement, remember if you have these things on your car then act like the Christian you are supposed be and not the bartender from the Bronx. People need to see the Lord in our lives in order for them to want to follow HIM. If we say we are the Lords, and act like the worlds, then why does someone want to follow the Lords path? We are meant to stand apart. We are not a perfect people, we will have our off days, throw in a cuss word or two, we may even get impatient or lose our temper (I did that this morning while making a phone call and my phone slipped out of my hand and went sailing across the desktop and on to the floor). But we are to be self-controlled and set apart, we have standards we are to follow, our father is the God of the universe, I am his kid, my life, my walk, my talk should reflect the teachings of my dad.


    Let God show you, lead you, to those who need you to minister to them in some way. You have the entire world at your fingertips, no traveling out of country necessary.

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Roxie Scott
Roxie Scott This ministered to me, as a reminder that loving action, and caring deeds, is showing the love of God, and that it is ministering. It also is a confirmation to do more, because we do have the internet and other resources, we can literally go into all the world,, The word declares that the word is not bound, i have been hesitant, but i realize that it is time to do more outreach, and extend it to include on-line ministry. Thank You & Be Encouraged to continue on with The Lord!!
June 25, 2015
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Leslie McLea
Leslie McLea Welcome to RHM Roxie and thank you for sending me a friend request. I am so glad you were inspired my story/message. I love the opportunity to encourage others, it also inspires me to do more. I hope you have lovely day, I have two groups started, one is Crafts, and one is called The Valley of Pain, you'll have to check them out, they  might inspire you to start your own group of some kind or be a part of the others.
June 26, 2015
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Lissy Verghese
Lissy Verghese Thank you!
July 16, 2015