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Life Worth Living by: Dion Todd
Progression: Verse 1, Chorus, Lead, Verse2, Chorus x2, End

Verse 1:
Jesus, You are my Lord
The One that I love and adore
I want more of You in my life

Please come and change my heart
And give me a brand new start
Lord with Your help this time I’ll live right

For You Make Life Worth Living
You set us free from our prison
One touch from You and my ropes are untied

Knowing You is where life begins
The One that trusts You will always win
I will stand strong with You by my side

Verse 2:
When I look around, I don’t understand
How can someone reject such a Man?
Some seem too blind to see the light

Oh but my life was not that different
Before I met You, I was just drifting
Then You gave me Your plan for my life


Song Name :
Life Worth Living
Artists : Dion Todd
Genre : Contemporary Christian
Album : Singles
Uploaded On : 2018-10-23
Uploaded by : Dion Todd