This is a collection of original songs written and recorded by me, (Pastor Dion Todd). When we began having live meetings on the Internet, I looked for copyright free music that we could stream live during the service, but it was quite a mess of permissions and royalties to do it right. In the midst of this, the Lord suddenly began giving me my own songs.


I have played music since I was in my teens, but had never written a song before that, I just played Bass Guitar for over 30 years. That was hard to write... Anyway, the songs often come to me at night or while writing. I just kind of hear them playing in my head, so I get up and write them down. 


They are recorded right here at RHM. I converted one of our bedrooms into a small recording studio and work from there. I have a long way to go and a lot to learn yet, but I am enjoying the journey. It is fun to create something from nothing.


The music here reflects my own roots growing up, the struggle of living a Godly life in a sinful world, and at the same time, having nothing else to depend on but His unchanging faithfulness. I grew up listening to Rock and Roll in the Bible Belt. This music is kind of a blend of that upbringing. 


The Lord is faithful to put the right people in your life at the right time. As I began to record more songs, I got to know Perry Robertson here at RHM, a guitar playing / recording engineer that lives in Texas about 1100 miles away. We began to collaborate together on some songs. I write and record them, export them and send them to Perry, he plays guitar and sings harmony along with me, then sends them back and we put it all together into a final mix. The songs here that have a fantastic guitar solo, that is Perry. 


Anyway, I hope that you enjoy the music that we have created here and that you are blessed by them in some way. We have just released our first CD titled "Wings of Love" which is now available on Amazon but you can also listen to them here for free. We hope to put a smile on someones face, encourage them, to refresh their hope. 

~ Dion Todd

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