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by Sylvia Todd in General Questions about January 13, 2018 open - report

When Bad Things Happen to Good People

This question was asked via email, and I thought it was interesting enough to post here :).


Here is the question:"My pastor believe if you have strong faith, nothing bad will happen to you. Please clarify for me, Thank you."


Here is Dion's answer: "Thank you for writing. I believe that nothing will happen to you that God does not allow. That said, Jesus had strong faith and was crucified. The apostles had strong faith and they all were martyred except for John. So I guess it how you define "bad". Personally we pray everytime that we get up, go to bed, eat, or get in a vehicle.


We can go through bad things and still be in God's will. For instance, we can be laid off from a job because God wants us to do something else. I have had this happen more than once and at the time, thought it was "bad" but later it worked out for the best."

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    by Kimberly Dublin about January 23, 2018

    Trusting God in adversity.  on 9/9/2017, Hurricane Irma roared through our city in Florida.  It was the scariest storm I have ever been through, and I am a native Floridian.  The sound of the howl of the wind was deafening.  We prayed for protection, and for the storm to pass over us, as this storm was coming as a category 5, and we would have been wiped off the map maybe it seemed.  but GOD.  He calmed the wind not before, a tornado flipped our flat deck on the back of the house like a pancake.  The entire deck was flipped over and water poured through, the ceiling fell in, insulation, drywall and all.  All we could do was trust God to take us through as the storm was still moving.  The water was rising inside the house and the wind was blowing through but thankfully it did not rip off the entire room.  Two rooms were completely damaged including everything inside the room.  We had buckets, pans, cups, vases trying to catch the water.  For 2 days after the storm we could not find a tarp to cover the damage.  It rained inside for days. We swept water, poured water, got rained on inside the house, but GOD.  I am grateful, thankful and humbled by the experience.  I would wish it on no one but God did bring us through.  My 85-year-old mother was with me too...and the HOly Spirit told me to move her over from where she was sitting near the damaged room , and in 2 minutes, the entire ceiling fell down where she had been sitting watching television. I thank God for the storms, trials, adversities, heartaches because through it all I have learned to trust him more.  Amen.

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    by David and Dianna Wyles about January 17, 2018

    Bad things happen... and God works it all out for the good. I would never say it was a good thing my daughter fell into a 6 month long psychosis, as it was truly a nightmare! But God took that nightmare and gave me stronger faith in his healing mercies, emotional healing from lifelong hurts, understanding about mental heath that I never would have known had my daughter not gotten sick, and much gratitude each time I would see or feel his presence through that nightmare time, also a keen awareness that he holds our life and everything in his loving hands and walks with us through it all! She once got in the car and just drove... 100's of miles away from family and ran out of gas on the hwy... God looked after her and got her to help hundreds of miles from home. This was a turning point in her illness and she was able to get well. In my mind my daughter being in a mental health clinic miles away was NOT GOOD, but God saw it as an opportunity to find healing. Good question Sylvia. Bad things do happen but God can make it all work out and bring many blessings along the way.

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    by Sylvia Todd about January 13, 2018

    Love the feedback, everyone :)! Yah, I'm not sure why someone would actually say that nothing bad would happen to a person of faith, but thought I'd post it because it's a question we have heard mentioned quite a bit, though usually in more indirect forms. As illustrated in His word and in the comments here, God certainly uses the bad and the good for His purposes, often in ways that we never would have dreamed - I suppose if we could, He could have just left it up to us to think of ourselves ;-). 

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    by Karen Robertson about January 13, 2018

    God never said that we wouldn't go through trials & tribulations, He promised that He would always be there with us through it.  I recently had a conversation with my MIL about the responsibilities of a pastor for his congregation.  It bothers me that a pastor would tell his congregation that bad things wouldn't happen to them.  I feel that it's a pastor's responsibility to tell the truth...God's their congregation!  And the truth is that bad things are going to happen!  Christians are not exempt from this.  Loved ones die, people lose their jobs, divorce happens.  But as Christians, we can be comforted in the fact that the Lord is with us through it all!  I also feel that as Christians, it is OUR responsibility to seek out the truth!  If you're not sure about something, look for the answer!  Read the bible!  Just my two cents worth.....

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    by Lynn Brown about January 13, 2018

    I agree, I have had seemingly "bad" things happen but later when looking back was able to see the good that came from it. Sometimes it was just a lesson to be learned, sometimes it was something better for me that I discovered later on. Great question and great reply Pastor.

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