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by Tyler Velau in General Questions about January 1, 2017 open - report

Daniel chapter 7

I have just finished reading chapter 7 of Daniel and there is a lot going on in this chapter. The visions of the beasts and the horns and the court and the Most High. Do you have any resources on this chapter available or any kind of aid?

I ask because I also feel like I might have had a disturbing vision though I hope and pray to our Lord, God, that it was just a dumb dream; but I am not sure. It was disturbing, very disturbing and disturbs me to this day. And in reading the chapter, it seems to have brought the dream back to my mind. 

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    by Dion Todd about January 2, 2017

    Yes the series called "What Time is it?" covers a lot of Daniel and I will be speaking on the final part this week. Daniel 2 and Daniel 7 are closely related. Series Parts 4, 5 and 6 deal with the visions of Daniel and end time events. 


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    by Sylvia Todd about January 2, 2017

    Tyler, have you checked out Dion's "What Time Is It?" series? It is all about what the Lord has been showing him about the end times and largely involves the book of Daniel. His plan is to finish it up this coming Sunday, but most of it is here.

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