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by Darlene Blackmon in General Questions about November 21, 2016 open - report

Our country

Is our country not mentioned in the bible because we are one the youngest country compared to Europe or Asia? We do count as a nation, biblically, right? I feel silky asking but curious still.
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    by Tyler Velau about December 18, 2016

    I remember watching some rather disturbing video on youtube about this subject. The creator of the video was comparing America to Babylon, the one that was destroyed by the Lord because of its sins. In the video the person said that our idolatry, gluttony, and perversiveness were way out of line and that America was like "the whore" mentioned in the Bible. I couln't even watch the whole thing, I was quite appalled by the video. I know it was only a silly youtube video and holds no real significance, but I also acknowledge some of the points made in the video. Our cultures worship if celebrities can be considered Idolatry, many over weight people call America home, though we are far from the only nation that has many residents who like food too much. And the Adult entertainment industry is growing and getting a little out of hand in my opinion. Some of that content is extreme and distressing. That being said, what matters is what the Bible says and hence what the Lord has decreed. If the Lord does wish America taken down a peg, I just hope he gives us some signs first so no innocent lives are lost. Even a single innocent life lost is a tragedy, multiple lives lost is a catastrophy. 

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    • Sylvia Todd
      by Sylvia Todd
      December 19, 2016

      I’ve seen articles here and there like this, and not really sure what to make of them. Sure, there are excesses and atrocities in our country, as there are in others, though each may have different issues. I don’t know about the video you saw, but...  more

    • Darlene Blackmon
      by Darlene Blackmon
      December 21, 2016

      Interesting.....good point.....thank you for sharing!

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    by Darlene Blackmon about November 21, 2016

    Thank you Pastor.....that helps.
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    by Dion Todd about November 21, 2016

    If you mean Daniel's dream in Daniel chapter 2 and the beasts mentioned in Daniel chapter 7, then they center around kingdoms that would rule over Jerusalem / Israel. Daniel was a Jew and a lot of his prophecies focus on what would happen to Jerusalem. The four kingdoms were that Daniel saw were:


    1) The Babylonian Empire / Head of Gold / First beast.


    2) The Medo-Persian Empire / Chest and arms of Silver / Second beast.


    3) The Grecian Empire (under Alexander the Great) / Bronze Waist and Thighs / Third beast.


    4) The Roman Empire / Legs of Iron / Fourth beast. (Feet are a longer teaching).


    All 4 of these empires took over Jerusalem before Jesus was born, and Rome was ruling it while Jesus was on earth. The United States, Canada, Mexico, Russia ect... have nothing to do with what Daniel saw and therefore are not mentioned. 

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