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by Dion Todd in General Questions about April 7, 2016 closed - report

Why do you use the WEB version of the Bible?

Why do you use the World English Bible in your devotional and teachings instead of the ESV, NKJV, AMP or another modern translation? 

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    by Dion Todd about April 7, 2016 Best answer

    Why do you use the World English Bible (WEB)?
    In our Bible study, I record the Bible to audio for those that have trouble reading the Bible, or are visually impaired, or so that you can listen to it while on the go. For over three months, I tried to get permission to use a Bible translation for this project and it became a lot of legalistic drama. I am sad to say that men have taken the word of God and are now selling the rights to even quote it.

    To sum it up, we cannot legally use the ESV, NIV, AMP, NKJV or any modern English translation without paying lots of money, if at all. From what I can gather, the NKJV (Zondervan) wants $10,000 up front and $10 per copy distributed. The ESV and others will not respond to our permission requests, though it is required. (The ESV finally did respond after three months but their requirements were too restrictive and therefore unacceptable.) I do not want to use Old English text to try and reach today’s youth, so we need a translation that is modern English, but free to use as we need. After prayer, I came across a project that was created just because of this copyright problem.

    The World English Bible (WEB) The World English Bible translation is based on the ASV (1901) and was created because there are no modern English Bible translations that you can freely use without copyright entanglement. The WEB was created copyright free and is in the public domain from the start. You can use it all that you want, include the entire Bible on your website, record it to audio and use it for derivative works with absolutely no restrictions, and you do not have to get permission from anyone to do so.

    We want to freely share the word of God around the world and we need to use a Bible translation that allows us to do that. This is so much more what Jesus envisioned when He told us to spread the Gospel, freely you have received, freely give. In my studies and personal reading each morning, I still use the ESV, AMP, NKJV, and NIV along with a Strong’s concordance and Tyndale’s commentary because I can use that at home personally, and legally. I just cannot share it on the web, but we are an online ministry so that creates a problem. So for our audio recordings, for our devotionals and teachings, I will be using the WEB translation.

    Please note that you can and should, read your own Bible and do what it says to do, so this does not change your translation. So far in my reading, I have found the ESV and the WEB very similar in translation but free from the legal issues.

    For an indepth teaching on Bible translations, please read this teaching that I put together: Bible Translations

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