The Pastor's Corner

Welcome to the Pastor's Corner. Here you will find all the devotionals, articles, teachings, books and more from Pastor Dion. As Refreshing Hope Ministries continues to grow larger, we find it necesary to consolidate and organize. Thank you for your patience while we search for a balance. 



Who is Pastor Dion Todd?: Dion is the senior pastor at Refreshing Hope Ministries. His extensive background in computer networking as well as a love for God's word made him a perfect fit to start this online ministry. Out of his simple country background, Dion's writing emphasizes simple testimonies and truths, that resonate with the "working class". He presently lives in coastal South Carolina with his wife Sylvia. You can read a short version of his testimony by clicking here.
The Daily Word of Hope Devotional : The Daily Word of Hope is written by Pastor Dion each morning in his prayer room. After spending time in prayer and worship, he waits for that low whisper and then writes whatever comes. Many people find that the word speaks directly to what they are dealing with that day, and a timely word from God changes everything. The devotional is posted each morning about 3 AM EST, 7 days a week, and is then emailed to all the subscribers. You can sign up to receive it each morning by clicking here: Subscribe to the Daily Word of Hope Devotional.
Teachings by Pastor Dion Todd: Here are some teachings by Dion on various subjects like Marriage, Fasting, Giving, Grief and more.

Here are the weekly video sermons from Refreshing Hope Live: Video Teachings.
Bible Study by Pastor Dion Todd: Here is an online Bible Study covering the book of Luke with an audio recording of Pastor Dion reading the Bible, and an accompanying outline.
Books by Pastor Dion Todd: There have been a few books written by Dion and you can find them here on the Bookstore, as well as Amazon.
Pastor Dion's Musical Wish list: Here are some things that Pastor Dion would love to have when writing, recording, and performing praise and worship for Refreshing Hope Live.