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About JIOS Radio

JIOS (Jesus Is Our Savior) Radio is a new Christian radio station, led by our friend Dennis Hubbell. JIOS is played over the Internet and plays great Christian music 24-7! We have partnered with Dennis out of friendship and with the vision to be able to share our respective ministries to a wider audience.


We are already sharing our devotional at the JIOS website and have plans to even do some audio readings. We pray that you are blessed by this wonderful gift of music!


For more about how this ministry started, here is a note from Dennis:


Welcome to JIOS Radio!

My name is Dennis Hubbell. I've been DJing for quite awhile, everything from weddings (over 1000 of them), parties, school dances, corporate events, even baby showers. I've had a personal relationship with Christ since I was a kid, but it wasn't until December of 2014 that Christ asked me to take a big leap. The Lord directed me to start a nonprofit radio station focused on youth, young adults and the young at heart. Pretty scary task, even after being around and working in radio for a number of years. I knew that Christ wanted this done. I knew that He would provide the knowledge, skills and people to make it happen. So here it is - (Jesus Is Our Savior) JIOS Radio. Welcome! Glad that you're hear and listening! Feel free to drop me a line anytime -

Love, Faith, Hope, Relationship - JIOS Radio


~Dennis Hubbell, President and CEO