This page is for FAAD (Fight Against Anxiety & Depression) live meetings. The meetings will take place once a week, currently on Wednesdays from 7:30pm to 8:30pm EST. For those who wish to participate, we also provide the RHM Live mid-week worship service starting at 7pm EST. The FAAD meetings may involve a teaching, or may simply be an "open chat", a place for members to share your troubles, victories, prayer requests, or just fellowship! Please join the FAAD group for weekly announcements about what will be taking place. If you can't see how to join the group, just post on the homepage of the website and we will help you :).

For FAAD Open Chat, you can either use this page or the regular chat room, but this is the page you that includes a space for video teachings (below the chat box). 

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Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What is this? FAAD is a support group for those suffering under anxiety and depression conditions. This page is a place for live interactive meetings, that may involve a teaching or "open chat", which is a time of fellowship. 


  • What time does this happen?  We are currently meeting each Wednesday at 7:30pm Eastern Time. Click this link and find what time that is in your city if you do not know. Please come 15 minutes early for fellowship and to work out any technical glitches that you may have. Once the service is underway, it is too late for us to help you with your connection.


  • I cannot hear or see the video: Try clicking this link to refresh the page and click play again. Be sure that your sound is up and not muted. Be sure that it is actually time for the meeting. Ask in chat!


  • I missed the live service, can I watch it later?  We will not generally be keeping a record of the chat, but may provide links to the video teachings. For announcements of these recordings, please join the FAAD group.


  • Is there a way to be notified about the live meetings? To receive notifications, please join the FAAD group.


  • I get an error message: "Error loading player": You can try clicking this direct link to the live stream. This may work better with some finicky devices. This only works when the live meeting is in progress otherwise you will get a 504 error.


  • I see a black screen with "No playable sources found": The computers that we have seen this error on, needed the flash plugin enabled. Once flash was installed and working, the stream worked fine. You can test your flash plugin here: