Here are is the list of our RHM bloggers! Click on any of the names below to see their list of articles. There is also a link after their description below to subscribe to their blogs.


Dion Todd: Dion is the senior pastor at Refreshing Hope Ministries. His extensive background in computer networking as well as a love for God's word made him a perfect fit to start this online ministry. Out of his simple country background, Dion's writing emphasizes simple testimonies and truths, that resonate with the "working class". (click here to subscribe)
Jim Jarrell: I am a little different. My first book "God Calls an Unlikely Candidate" was written as a documentation of the things God was doing in my life. There are chapters that describe my life from childhood all the way to 2008. When God really started moving in my life, the things that were happening where happening very fast and went against most of the teaching of my youth. I grew up in a Southern Baptist home, and I was taught that the gifts of the Holy Spirit had left as the Apostles died. Boy did I find out that was wrong, in 2006 I recieved the Baptism of the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in tongues. Now that came as quite a suprise to someone like me because I had been taught speaking in other tongues was evil. I now know that is not true. That led to my reading the Bible to see what else was in there that they had taught me that might help us on our walk in life. After 10 years of studying the Bible, my second book came along called; "Where is the Church". This book shows what church could be like if we would allow God to be in charge. They are both available on listed under my name; Jim Jarrell. I stand behind both of these books, and I am still searching for the church according to Scripture.  (click here to subscribe)
Linda Darlene Gibson: Linda is the leader of our FAAD (Fight Against Anxiety & Depression) group, bringing wonderful strength, insight, experience and encouragement to the group, as well as to the other members of RHM! Linda is blessed with the gift of sharing her testimonies in a way that will empower and encourage the reader.  (click here to subscribe)
Leslie McLea: Leslie is one of our amazing group leaders at RHM. She heads up the In the Valley of Pain group, which ministers to those with chronic physical conditions, like osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. Leslie also leads the Keep It Simple Crafts group and loves to share fun, homemade craft projects! Her inspirational short stories will make you think and help you grow in your faith. (click here to subscribe)
Jeffrey Smith: Jeffrey is part of the leadership team in the FAAD group and often leads the weekly FAAD Chat. He is also a Certified Financial Planner and an avid fitness enthusiast. We love his energy and hope-filled faith! Check out his blogs for insights on the overcoming power of Jesus! (click here to subscribe)
Dianna Wyles: Dianna has a passion for Photography, is always in search of God's blessings everywhere, enjoys spending time hiking, birding, mining, and taking pictures in the great outdoors to reconnect with our Lord through his beauty and wonder. She is a naturalist by nature and loves God, Family, Kids, hearts, wildlife & all things related to these subjects.. (click here to subscribe)
Sylvia Todd: Sylvia is the wife of Pastor Dion and assists in ministering here at RHM. Sylvia hosts "The Love Dare" relationship blog and also posts the website "how-tos", as well as other topics as the Spirit moves :). She enjoys spending quiet time with her hubby, is a fan of show tunes and video gaming. (click here to subscribe)