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  • Dion Todd
    Dion Todd wrote a new blog entry:
    Life or Death
    • January 13, 2019
    • Dion Todd
      Rhonda Jones

      Amen.  Thank You Lord.  Wonderful message. 

    • Dion Todd
      Wesley Paulus


    • Dion Todd
      Liesel aka Lisa Wardle

      Amen and Amen! Thank you Pastor Dion! Oh Lord, Almighty Heavenly Father, please give me by the power of Thy Holy Spirit a teachable heart and spirit so that You remain in me and i remain in You, i ask and pray in the the Holy name of Jesus Christ! I

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    • Dion Todd
      Sandra Colby


    • Dion Todd
      Wanda Pennington

      Yes, Hallelujah!!