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  • Dion Todd
    Dion Todd wrote a new blog entry:
    Spiritual Famine
    • April 26, 2021
    • Dion Todd
      Schalk de Beer

      Yes, amen Lord 

    • Dion Todd
      Cristy Herzberg

      A great reminder! Thank you

    • Dion Todd
      Sherry McCosh

      Amen! Thank you for this Devotion today! We always need to be listening and ready to hear from the Lord.

    • Dion Todd
      David Makanjuola

      Amen in Jesus name

    • Dion Todd
      Sharon Leonard

      Yes, I've been praying for His fresh word and to hear him speak to me. He has done so many things in my life. They have been Awesome. He has sent His angels to me in other countries., traveling. I know God is Alive and well. No, I don't take God for

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  • Sylvia Todd
    Sylvia Todd posted a new classified listing:
    Forty Days of Love
    • September 20, 2018