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its definately a GOD THING ! update !

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    October 14, 2015 1:03 AM EDT
    Its hard to believe its already been 6 weeks kyle has been in rehab ! Usually at the end of 6 weeks they just go home...or have to come up with another few thousand dollars to stay...
    When Kyle's 6 weeks was up, we ALL were pretty nevous about what happens next...even HE was nervous, he knew he wasn't ready to leave, but we also didnt have the money for him to stay there either. ..we all just agreed that its in God's hands...and deep down i had a peace about it, because i KNEW that God wouldnt bring kyle this far just to drop him off now..( presay)
    The first week Kyle was there he got baptized in the Oconee lake...the old fashion way...and from that point on ....God took hold of him an now ...ive never seen such a glow on my sons face in all his life...kyle has always been a good kid..he just got side tracked for a min...NOW kyle is saying things like...its up to God whatever HE wants me to he's leading a bible study consoling one of the newer clients. Well, kyles cancelor ( who is a preacher) watches Kyle quietly an sees that hes stepping up an taking responsibility. ..and has a heart for a few days befor kyle was to gradute from that place his cansolor pulled him aside an said that he could use a man with his passion an abilities there to help in exchange he will let kyle stay there for another FOUR MONTHS .....FREE. !!!! . an without hesitation , Kyle said YES SIR...I WILL STAY ....:-) . not only because it was free...but because he knew himself he wasn't ready to come home...but said because God needs him there !!! Wow...what a selfless thing to do....because eirher way...kyle could of just said no and came home....i serve a mighty awesome GOD, an im SO GLAD HE'S my best friend. !!!!
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    October 18, 2015 10:48 AM EDT

    Praise God, that is so wonderful, Michelle, that God has worked on Kyle's heart like that! I pray that He continues to lead him, protect him from bad influences and raises him to fully be the man that He has planned for him to be!

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    October 18, 2015 7:27 PM EDT
    Thank you Sylvia...:-) . .when kyle gets out of rehab in Feb. It would be VERY WISE that they move out of the town they're in ( kyle, wife, an kids ) . Please help me pray that God will tell them where to go....also kyle got to come home for the weekend last week, an he said he felt really UNCOMFORTABLE being at home...or really in that house...alot of bad memories he said...he needs to move away to where he dont know ANYBODY an have a fresh start in life....thank you for your prayers. :-)
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    October 19, 2015 9:53 AM EDT

    Praying for Kyle! That sounds like a good idea to be away from his past and especially those in his past who may try to drag him back to where he was. It doesn't solve everything, but gives him a chance for a fresh start.

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    October 19, 2015 8:37 PM EDT
    Absolutely. thank you for your prayers. .:-)