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    February 10, 2024 12:55 PM EST  This is a very uplifting song. It kinda draws you in then takes you for a ride. GRACE LIKE RAIN. TODD AGNEW Enjoy BLESSINGS ONE LOVE PD 

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    February 10, 2024 1:01 PM EST  This is another THIRD DAY SONG. SOUL ON FIRE. However I can’t take credit for this it was given to me by Lynn Brown. I had not heard this until just now. TY Lynn. Blessings One Love PD

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    February 10, 2024 1:07 PM EST  This is from Bob Dylan. It’s from the SLOW TRAIN COMING. The name of this song is YOUR GONNA SERVE SOMEBODY. Back story. When this  was produced Bob had said he made a profession of Faith in Christ. Later he’d say it was a faze. Idk if his conversion was real or not. It doesn’t matter when we look at the words and there impact not so much the one who created the music. Blessings One Love PD 

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    February 18, 2024 9:13 PM EST  Here’s another song we heard but didn’t listen. Many feel it’s inappropriate for a band with this name to produce a Christian song. First remember or study the times. What you find is there were many Christian artists caught in a band they loved but were money driven bye music companies and their own desire. Actually a band with the name Doobie Brothers were taking a high risk playing a song about JESUS.  I think many of these songs were put out there as respect to those in the band who were GOD centered. That said I give you the DB and JESUS IS JUST ALRIGHT. If you play it this time listen to the words not just hear. I missed it for sure. Enjoy The Music. BLESSINGS ONE LOVE PD 

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    February 19, 2024 12:59 PM EST

    Daryl, thanks for that memory! Heard it often but didn't really think about it. I googled who wrote the song and it is below:

    • This song has a long history with many incarnations. It was first recorded by the gospel group The Art Reynolds Singers on their 1966 album Tellin' It Like It Is. The Byrds covered it in 1969 and released as a single on their album Ballad of Easy Rider, where it charted at #97. They turned the song into a rocker, with a faster tempo and prominent electric guitar (the original version was piano-based and acoustic).

      The Underground Sunshine - a psychedelic band - released their version one year later, but this one didn't reach the charts. In 1972 The Doobie Brothers recorded it for their album Toulouse Street; the single was released in February 1973 and reached #35, becoming the most popular version of the song. Their arrangement was based on The Byrds recording.
    • Arthur Reid Reynolds, who also wrote The Byrds 1971 song "Glory, Glory," wrote "Jesus Is Just Alright." It's one of the few Doobie Brothers songs the band didn't write.
    • The Doobie Brothers version of this song distinguished itself with a breakdown in the middle where guitarist Pat Simmons, who sang lead on their hit "Black Water," preaches the vocals ("Jesus, he's my friend...").

      Tom Johnston, the group's lead singer, credits keyboard player Bill Payne for helping come up with the breakdown. Payne was Little Feat's pianist, but also recorded with the Doobies and many other bands. In a Songfacts interview Johnston, he said: "I think Bill Payne was involved, because it involved a B3 Hammond, and the 'da da la da, da da la da.' We had a song that we did by Randy Newman on the very first album called 'Beehive State,' it had a similar lick, and possibly it came out of that."
    • This is a very spiritual song with a pretty clear message about loving Jesus. Very few mainstream hits are so unambiguously in praise of Jesus, and it was a very odd message coming from The Doobie Brothers. Johnston told Songfacts: "The funny thing about that, we weren't anti-religious. We weren't anything. We were just musicians out playing a gig. We didn't think about that kind of stuff very often. We would be out playing that song when that came out as a single, and all these One Wayers, which was a big movement at that time, would be at the show, and they would run up to the stage with their fingers pointed straight up. At first we didn't get it, and we finally said, 'Oh, I know what's going on.' So when we would play that song, they would go nuts. They would throw scriptures on the stage, that sort of thing. Little did they know they were trying to enlist the support of the wrong guys."
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    February 19, 2024 2:10 PM EST

    Lynn thanks for the history on this song. I was a Christian when it was kicking on the charts. I knew what they were saying het it seemed almost an oxymoron in a strange way. I wasn’t sure if they really were promoting Jesus as in a relationship wise for someone in the group. Or were  they doing something that would get attention especially with their name Because of the name I didn’t know if they were doing a wink wink things. However no matter what they thought or didn’t think. The message was still there. As. I’ve studied the Bible I see very few people GOD called friend. Even less would say JESUS Was their friend. So the message is very deep. I’ve go5 some coming that will I hope grab your attention Once again I’m truly blest to have such a sister *FRIEND*. Blessings One Love PD

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    February 25, 2024 10:44 AM EST

    This is called You Got To Serve Somebody. By Bob Dylan. Ya who knew. The album SLOW TRAIN COMING  shows he did a serious deep dive into the word. He made a profession of faith. Several years later he backed off from that stance. That said. Still GREAT tune. Blessings One Love PD

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