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    August 25, 2022 6:36 AM EDT

    7steps into the Abiss Then the 7/steps back thru Reconciliation. At the End I’ll deal with the symbolic nature of the reclothing his son. 
    again once I start it’s open to anyone input. Blessings One Love PD

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    August 26, 2022 7:32 AM EDT

                                                           THE PRODIGAL SON


    Today I’ll begin to show you the 7 steps the Prodigal Son took to fall into the Abyss  At any given time we may find ourselves straying from the center of GODS WILL. Because we are HIS children we to could be considered as a type of Prodigal. I’ll touch on all 7  and address briefly what that looks like. 

    Two Reasons For this subject  matter 

    1) So when (for we all will) find yourself not hearing or seeing GODS PROVIDENTIAL HAND you can quickly see where you are on the list. Unless your have reached the bottom You can take stock and start the process of reversing one’s circumstances. 

    2) Once we recognize the 7 steps One can observe and Pray for GOD to allow us the opportunity to step in and explain where they are SPIRITUALLY and will be able to point where the steps that got them there and the next step down. Knowing/sharing this information can save them/you from falling any further Then make a informed decision and hopefully go in the right direction. However some will not listen and hit rock bottom. Then they will remember the things you said and how to reverse the process. 

    BIBLE REFERENCE Luke 15:11-24. 


    Verse 12 SELF WILL. GOD gives us free well. GOD has a place where we should desire to stay in that is in the center of GODS Will. There is nothing wrong with having free will. Our  problem develops when we take our eye off the prize/ending and put it on our self. Remember in the garden where JESUS said if this burden can be taken away so be it, however GODS will not mine. JESUS had the same decision to make as the prodigal son. He chose not to go down the road of depravity. But rather stayed right there in the center of HIS FATHER/OUR FATHER’S WILL. There are many reasons why we stray from the center of GODS WILL for us however all of them are flawed and will lead to the next step down. Unless one remembers the steps from the Bible. Take stock and reverses the trend.


    THIS is the beginning of the story when the youngest son decides for whatever reason that he no longer wants to work on his fathers farm/the families future. He decided being young that he wanted to see the world. The problem with seeing the world one becomes part of that world. Being a friend of the world one is the enemy of GOD. When the youngest son comes and asks for his inheritance. Understand exactly what he is saying. He is telling his father you are dead to me. Take notice that the father does not argue with the son but rather gives him what he desires. Does he know where this will lead spiritually? Answer absolutely! Yet at the same time just as our HEAVENLY FATHER  does he allows his child/us to exercise the our free will. As the story goes along one should see that the father is aware of what’s going on with his boy. I will make that very clear at the end of the story. Remembers this, self awareness does not translate to self worth   SPIRITUALLY Often it does the opposite. Yet right now take stock of where you are SPIRITUALLY. If needed understanding who you are in CHRIST is always GOOD. For it either shows you where you are standing today exactly where God wants you, or it shows you where you are and where you need to be. Why doesn’t the Father forbid the boy from going? Because he knew the child Intimately just as our HEAVENLY FATHER does us. He either forbid the son to leave and keeps in there. This action will cause the Family to be in upheaval eventually So it’s better to allow the boys to go and descend into much pain and sorrow Rather then letting him stay and destroy everything they have. Sometimes the Lord actually will allow us to travel so that we do not negatively affect those brothers and sisters around us. You are going to be a witness and testimony to others. The question is what type of witness and testimony would you be showing them


    I’ll be traveling for the next few days   I will do my best to try to keep up with the topics I have going on. However I might not be able to be as consistent as I have the last few weeks. At this point I would ask for you to pray for my travels back-and-forth to Syracuse. I have to see my mother who I have not seen in a while. Also I have at least one divine appointment that I know of. I also have a place that we can have services out there and we will be having our first service in a few years the second Sunday I’m not there.  So please pray for me to be able to get off and back safely to be keenly aware of what the Lord is doing to encourage and empower me to join the Lord where he is. Allow me to speak the words that he wants. And pray that what we will produce good fruit. Blessings One Love PD. 

    Remember all of my topics are open to anyone who would like to join in on the conversation.

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    August 28, 2022 4:03 PM EDT


    SCRIPTURE Luke 15:11-24. 

    I didn’t mention almost every step he took corresponds with a verse.

    verse 12 second step into the Abyss  Selfishness 

    As we head talked about in the last post When the son came to the father and asked for his inheritance for all intents and purposes he was saying to his father you are dead to me. However first in verse 12 indicates before his dad dies to him he wants what he thinks belongs to him. This is the moment that he becomes absorbed with self. Anytime that we have self as our main driving force, we will find ourselves in a broken relationship with our HEAVENLY FATHER There is a lot of symbolism in this particular parable. At the end I will take time to explain the symbolism behind the things that happened when his son returns. Remember this Jesus when he was teaching these parables often would take in what he is seeing in the physical realm and speak SPIRITUAL truths By using what HE sees For HIS audience would totally understand the physical part of the story. It’s only when you/they meditated upon it would the SPIRITUAL understanding become responsive. We see the boys selfishness as he cares not about anyone there ( likely his father the other brother and probably servants) only what he feels he needs There’s no emotional thought nor intellectual concern of anyone but his desires. Is there a problem with DESIRE not as long as your desires match up with the DESIRES of FATHERS. Each step deeper takes us/him future fro the Meaningful Life Relationship our LORD Desires 

    I pray you find understanding in this parable and my mere attempt to brake it down for us. As always I hold open the door n hopes someone would like to respond. Step #3 will be coming up as soon as I can. Blessings One Love PD. 

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    September 6, 2022 11:51 AM EDT

    Step #3  The Prodigal Son Fall into the Abyss 

    scripture Luke 11-15. We are still in verse 13. Three of the sons steps were/are found in this one verse. 

    refresh our memory. Step (1) Self Will 

                                   Step (2) selfishness 

                                   Step (3)  Separation

    Each step if not noticed and understanding of what one is doing then we get the domino effect or the piling on. Another words one puts things in motion The problem would be that either one is intoxicated with the perspective of freedom and hasn’t the capacity or ability no stop the Free fall Perhaps once put in motion the proverbial train picks up speed and again there will be a point where one is literally just along for the ride. However we can’t feel bad as he made the choice. 

    We see here in step (3) that once the boy feels or is satisfied with what he has through his distorted perspective He immediately turns away from all that he knew and runs quickly toward step(4) and the (unforeseen by him) yet is totally clear to one who stays connected to family (spiritually and all this has spiritual ramifications) the outcome of this decision. Once he leads he is now flying solo. Even if he is with others. They may have different reasons for this trip or could be rebelling just as him. However we are only speculating on that part. However once separated he now has no safety net No one to step in and advise him. Also remember he’s the younger son. We are not given his age. Yet it seems he’s late teens early 20s It really doesn’t Mayer the age. No matter what age he’s not thinking as a mature person. He’s acting like a 10 year old who’s throwing a temper tantrum (childish things) As of this point he’s making up his mind what he wants to do. This is why things get worse there’s no one there and a person without the maturity or desire to change his thoughts/direction. These facts guarantee he will continue on this path of self destruction Sadly I don’t think he’s aware yet of the trouble he’s already in much less what’s coming around the bend. Because he is almost to that point he won’t be able to stop the train. It’s gonna have to crash and his only hope will be just survive this crash n burn scenario. Step 5 he will totally be beyond the ability to make the rite choice. Question is can one get off this free fall. Yes this is why we are given this parable so at any given time one can take stock of where they are and immediately repent ( notice where you are n where your heading One seeks GOD repents confesses then turns and walk away In this case back home in our case spiritually speaking bak to GOD our Father. The Prodigal was also on a spiritual descent he just didn’t see it or maybe didn’t want to see it. This is often our problem we don’t notice for many possible reasons  (none valid) Yet we are already told the outcome in this parable. To prevent us from taking these steps or to understand where we are and take the appropriate steps to escape the inevitable ending. Once we separate from other believers our next step that was already put in motion is our separation from GOD Then unless we take the rite steps by making rite choice we will no longer want to or we just won’t hear GOD. This will lead to a place and time where we are in the position where you we hit rock bottom   It’s then like prodigal we will now seek a resolution  

    STAY CONNECTED. Blessings One Love PD 

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    September 15, 2022 12:34 PM EDT

    STEP #4 The Prodigal Son Fall Into The Abyss 

    Scripture Luke 15:11-15 

    Reminder Step #1 Selfwill

                   Step #2 Selfishness 

                   Step #3 Saperation

                   Step #4 Sensuality 

    We are still in vs 13. Lot going on in that verse. Once you get to this part of the equation,, you have now turned the corner. At this point in time one thing is that they are free all restrictions any type of understanding of sowing and reaping. You don’t have to necessarily be young to be dumb, however it does seem like the young man wants to experience everything he could in life so what does a young man do when he has got to the point of sensuality? Seeing that he is already pretty much made the first three steps of permanent part of this life, at least at this time. With nobody tell him no with the time and the money he enters into the realm of sensuality. In his case riotous living. However it does not mean that anyone of us who would backslide and go down this path would end up in a place of experiencing the pleasures that are saved for marriage. Riotous living can be also partying way too much. Getting drunk at the local bar and whatever will come from that. Usually for me turned out to be so kind of a confrontation. Usually it’s a physical confrontation. But there were times in my life when I was doing things out of my house were nobody really knew what I was doing except for a few people who were a part of it. My sensuality was all about selling drugs and making money. It really doesn’t matter which road you go down they will all lead to some kind of sensuality. Sensuality will definitely separate you from any meaningful relationship from your part. We are at this time so caught up in the pleasures of life quite possibly things like gambling drinking fighting arguing with people physical pleasure. That we can barely hear the voice of our LORD. Occasionally when things weren’t going well I would hear a voice asking me is how you planned it? Is this the way you thought it would go? How do you feel about where you are right now? From what does that time I just went back to my sensual life so that I could ignore the voice of reason. I’m sure this young man either sharing periodically from the LORD or from remembrance of what his father taught him however once you have got to this point if you do not recognize the steps that you took to get here, then you’re not going to be aware of the steps to follow. This is why it’s so important to learn the steps. Not so much that you were I are going to be down this path into the abyss. But we may know people such as friends and family even our children. They all seem to much do often turn on where you’re from there principled wife is without a reason yet throwing away all rational, they head out on the road. All of us that have called down this path. I doubt very many of us ever really  knew that we were on the path of destruction. Because at the beginning it seems so liberating. Want us to be careful of the type of liberating we are engaging in. Any liberating outside of what God will give you, total freedom, this is why we have freedom of choice. It is up to us to choose wisely   One other thing often happens to us when we get it to these places of sensuality. If it’s not totally a physical type manifestation and it’s more of a social liberation we do things that make us feel good. One thing we may do and honestly probably would do if we had the money that the amended. We would what they call make it rain. We buy any drinks for everybody we would be in our mine the center of everybody’s attention. That may be true but that center of attention only last as long as you are useful to them. Once they feel that you’re no longer useful they move onto the next shiny thing. Those soul called friends are nowhere to be found. Sensuality of any kind will eventually leave you empty on for filled. Seeing that about this time one would have use that most if not all of their resources. Therefore all the fun they were experiencing through their so-called liberation personality turn into total separation, from your family which you pretty much told them they were nothing to you. Along with all these so-called friends of yours that now hang around with everybody but you. What does one do when they are running out of money or have run out of money and cannot be that person they thought they were. You’re going to take step number five. Use the thing about writing this for everybody. I found these steps to be very true I just did not know where I was on these steps. So I had no real way of figuring out how to get back. As the real meaning to despicable means that I have separated myself from my HOLY FATHER therefore the enemy makes you believe that what you have done is totally cost you everything that you had or will have with our LORD. So with the enemies persuasion one takes step number five.So with the enemies persuasion one takes step number five.

    I pray everyone that reads this will not find yourself in any of these positions nor anyone you may know. However with the size of our group in this ministry and all those connected to us directly indirectly in loosely to other people of our sphere of influence, you will find somebody who is on this descent. They’re not going to listen to you about where they are. However you can tell them where they came from and what the next steps are to come. Hopefully one would take your advice as they touch step number five and decided to start the seven steps of ascent. I do hope that you will not just read these steps   I hope that you would not just like what we are putting forth. What did you would either express what you may have learned or tell us what you have that was confirmed for you. This just like the INTERVENTION are not just for public consumption but are designed to start a open dialogue  This isn’t a judge mental site  The only time somebody may suggest another point of you view is if one puts things down that don’t Match up with the doctrine in the Scriptures, then somebody may float out biblical principles. I will monetor the site I’m sure Pastor D also checks this site to make sure that nobody gets gaged up on in any way shape or form.I’m not exactly sure when the next time I will post on this particular subject. But it will definitely be within the next two weeks. Again I hope these writings bless you if you are boring and also through confirmation.


    i’m not exactly sure when the next time I will post on this particular subject. But it will definitely be within the next two weeks. Again I hope these writings bless you if you are boring and also through confirmation.


    Blessings One Love PD


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    September 21, 2022 7:52 AM EDT

    STEP #5 In The Prodigal Son Fall Into The Abyss 

    #1 SELFWILL 





    I remembering our last post on sensuality. Once someone reaches this stage you are all bout physical emotional pleasures. These pleasures will probably take place in the realm of the deadly sins. Such as gambling artificial stimulation sex power ect One would say that between sensuality and spiritual depravity one becomes self-absorbed. Everything is about self and there’s nothing in your DNA that has any desire to see others doing well. It’s more like seeing others as a ways to our means. Because one is so deeply entrenched in his or her sensuality  they are not spending any time whatsoever dealing in the spiritual realm. During this time as long as the finances are holding out then one is all about meeting ones perceive needs. Another words they are taking in whatever they can in order to keep out their lifestyle. However remember the one  is limited on amount of money that he does have in order to keep the lifestyle that you want thinking you will be the one this stuff won’t effect   However by this time if you have reached the point of spiritual depravity. Another way to put it would be spiritual suicide. If we are not connected to the LORD  According to his teachings, HE is the vine we are the branch if we did stay connected to HIM will flourish if we do not stay connected to HIM we will spiritually die. Spiritual depravity always leads to spiritual death. GOD  has also arrange these things to happen  so that eventually you will have a place where you can’t go on any further, yet still there is no desire to put in spiritual in. If we don’t take in food if we don’t eat physically we will die physically if we don’t drink water physically we will die physically if we do not take in spiritual sustenance we will die spiritually.  No one who is on a spiritual crash and burn like the PRODIGAL ever makes a positive difference in somebody else’s life. We are not connected with the LORD Then while in  spiritual depravity then we cannot be guided, instructed, convicted by the HOLY SPIRIT. Again let’s me remind you that even GOD  will take mercy on somebody who is going down this path of destruction. He eventually arranges for everything to hit rock bottom. A form of sowing n reaping It will be from this point you will pretty much stay in the dissent  till the bottom drops out.  Then  you’ll be able to start your ascent of the Mt of Restoration none of this happens quickly it’s pretty slow n methodic. So while on the road it will take time. Although the climb out will be difficult it will move faster than the descent into the abyss.

    Blessings One Love PD

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    September 26, 2022 7:21 PM EDT

                                                             THE PRODiGAL  

                                                      7 DESENT INTO THE ABYSS 

    Scripture 15:11-24.                 STEP #6 SPIRITUAL DESTRUCTION

    Today Scripture Lk 15:15 

    Once the son/us/others has reached death by SPIRITUAL DEPRAVITY what follows SPIRITUAL DESTRUCTION How could it be worse then DEPRAVITY? At this point one has long sense stopped hearing The  HOLY SPIRIT to know one stopped listing. At this point one has put things in motion that has to finish Otherwise one couldn’t find their/our/the son way back. At this point anyone who reached here has gone past Grieving The HOLY SPIRIT Hence has NO power and are totally focused on self to survive. Instead of leaning on GOD one uses their own wisdom (idk if it’s worked good so far) which leads to DESTRUCTION. Proverbs says There’s a way that seems rite unto man (what he/she thinks works) That path leads to DESTRUCTION. Here’s the good news here it may have taken months to years to reach here it won’t be long before one comes to their senses and reach last step. From there one will begin to seek a way back. This is when one becomes sensitive to GOD (23 Psalms) GOD will wait for each action of obedience-FAITH then HE will open the next door for one to begin the 7 STEPS OF ASSENTION TO THE MT TOP. 
    May this post find you well. If anyone has thoughts feel free to remark anytime. TY for dropping in and supporting this topic. Blessings One Love PD

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