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7 steps to understand GOD.

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    August 25, 2022 6:02 AM EDT

    Day One 

    1). GOD pursues a manful personal LOVE Relationship 

    I’ll leave this open for those who may  want contribute to each topic There are no wrong answers So understand this is non judgment zone. However tomorrow I’ll start commenting on each point. Blessings One Love PD

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    August 25, 2022 11:00 PM EDT


    What does that even mean. One may say I Love GOD. There are many ways to let that Love show. However where did that begin. With GOD an ETERNITY ago. Us likely serious the day of our conversion Yet CHRIST showed HIS LOVE for us by paying our sin debt. The Bible says. No one seeks me in LOVE unless.I first LOVED you. 
    Sadly many Christians are running away from GODS LOVE and feel Biblical principals are not more then mear suggestions Hence once again The Good Shepard goes looking for the one lost sheep. Once again showing HIS unconditional LOVE by never leaving nor forsaken us. If we just surrender over to HIS LOVE repent from our choices ask for the power to not to go back and walk n eventually run toward Our LORD.  Blessings One Love PD 

    this to is open forum any comments are welcome However I’m not going to promote these other two topics on the testimonial page as I did with INTERVENTION. 

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    August 31, 2022 10:30 PM EDT

                                           7 STEPS TO UNDERSTAND GOD. 

    GOD showers HES activity as HES working on things (people places circumstances time) in order to work out both ends of the equation for us to Be Part OF Our DEVINE APPOINTMENTS. Everything HE does is to future the KINGDOM. He also is working on ways to communicate HIS intentions to us  HES working on answering prayers This is done to increase our FAITH As FAITH is essential to tapping into GOD will. Accomplishing HIS will is dependent on us seeing what HES doing/showing us Then using our FAITH to join HIM in what we are seeing. This is where we will see the DEVINE APPOINTMENT thats in front of us. GODS also keeping us from the evil one trying to take us out of this world n certainly from grasping the way GOD works  The people HE works on will be likely part of the other side of the equation in which they are the subject of the DEVINE APPOINTMENT or will join us in the FURTHERANCE of The KINGDOM. Then there’s the hidden things we may never see till we get to the other side. Now we know that GOD is Working round us Make sure we pray to see the activity of GOD so we are ready to join GOD rite where HES working. Blessings One Love PD

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    September 2, 2022 3:47 PM EDT

                                                       7 STEPS TO KNOW GOD

    StEPT. #3 GOD Invites us to become involved with HIM in KIGDOM WORK. 

      Here’s the thing once we become acquainted with GODS Working Around Us We then begin to see the opportunities in what we are now seeing clearly (not necessarily the exact thing/direction in what we see. Yet we are not just a passive watcher. We’ve learned by watching n seeing what happens. But know we are actually aware we are not in this alone. It’s the LORD that has our back. When he invites us we need to respond. Remember the equation. If HES. called us we are fully commissioned (Great Commission) HES telling us we are ready. Now the other side is ready. How effective we will be  is not knowing the fact HES calling us. It will be in the years months days hours we put to profess the points they will need Most of the time (as an Evangelist) I’ve found their soil ready but if our message doesn’t get their attention in first five minutes, you may have lost them already. Anything that’s KINGDOM BUILDING will cost you (time) however if we choose not to be productive Well how do you think this is going to turn out. See there’s a cost to every DEVINE APPOINTMENT missed. The person on the other side of the equation will suffer COUNT THE COST. N Make The Right Decision Blessings One Love PD

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    September 14, 2022 9:45 PM EDT

                                                    7 STEPS TO KNOW GOD

    STEP#4 GOD speaks to us through The HOLY SPIRIT In 5 Ways GOD Uses 

    1) The Bible

    2) Prayer

    3) Answered Prayer

    4) Circumstances 

    5) Through The Church.  

    Because there are so many ways GOD speaks to us I won’t try and answer all them at the same time I’ll try my best to detail each one some may be combined others solo Yet each is equally important to us if we are to tap into a direct line with our FATHER.

                                                               THE  BIBLE

    Common Sense would dictate that if there is a GOD HE being sovereign would leave something behind Something  HIS creation could find (if searching Seek n You Will Find) this something would have to have things to show it’s from a Superior (Ultimate) Intelligence. It would need to explain Who.HE is What HE excepts Why we would need HIM Where’(s) HE Lives We can/will live HE wants us to live When(s) Historical Reference Prophecy Things To Come Moral Sets of Ethics Rules explaining WHY we are in need of being saved. A Plan to fix the problems caused if HIS creation breaks the rules /LAW HE’S gone further now as HE has incorporated/allows man to be involved in KINGDOM BUILDING along with HIS INTERVENTION  and Investment into humanity HIS creation. ALL These Things And So Much More Are Found InThe BIBLE. 
    CONSIDER THIS If You Could Hold GOD Would You. Ummm YES. (John 1:1). So when we pick up the BIBLE we are Embracing GODS Essence n Yet Jesus was not just the. WORD. HE was/is the Fulfillment of the LAW of course it’s not GOD but it’s EVERYTHING a Book would need to be to show us that it was written by 1) Higher Power 2) To HIS Creation 3) For A Purpose. 
    The BIBLE is GODS main way to speak to us. Almost like a beginner book Yet because it’s The LIVING WORD. I can read it again in a year or so and if I’ve applied what I’ve learned it will mean something different to me. RELATIONSHIP = More Application =Closer Relationship A Cycle that if remains will continue to follow as long as we stay connected to The WORD. This will turn into other ways HE speaks to us A Apple a Day Keeps The Dr Away.

    (READ The BIBLE Each Day Keeps The devil At Bay DWP/2022)   READING IS FEEDING. Blessings One Love PD 


    #2 Way GOD Speaks To Us.

    Remembering that all this is done/accomplished through the HOLY SPIRIT  Now one would ask how does me praying have anything to do with GOD speaking to me. Isn’t me talking to GOD. Yes n No. How many times has this happened to you? You are praying for things you know to be important then someone or something pops into your head well where did that come from? It wasn’t your thought nor on your list Yet it was on GODS list. When we pray We are having a conversation with our LORD While we are in that place (Throne Room) praying We are literally allowing ourselves to be receptive to the things GOD would have us pray for. Most times (this is a process) when we’ve reached this place where we are hearing from GOD in prayer we can make the connection in due time. Then there will be times HE put things on your heart that don’t make since. I kinda think it a test to see if you will pray anyway even though you don’t/may never get it. This is all part of you n I growing in prayer. Eventually GOD will start downloading things for you to pray hours days/ even weeks in advance Again these usually make since Yet not always. Again a test to see if your faithful even times such as these. It’s very important to follow through for IF we get this far IT won’t be long before God will talk to bout something HE wants done. For sure this will have you functioning in FAITH for much of this you won’t get until you step into HIS purpose/calling for you at this specific time to a specific thing. This process starts with us committing to 10 minutes of prayer. Pray for the list of things you want to have GOD hear. Within two weeks HE will start giving you things HE wants. Then you will find that 10 minutes I started with has expanded out to 20 minutes. 

    There’s a story I tell A 4th grade class was discussing the most powerful thing man has. One of the boys raised his hand and said oh it’s our army tanks. A second boy said to Ms Jones it’s our missiles Everyone was thinking ya that’s it. Then another boy said no it’s nuclear That was it everyone agreed. Then a girl in the back row said Ms Jones they are wrong Everyone was astonished Then Ms Jones asked what do you think. She said prayer. The class erupted into laughter. The girl was not deterred. She explained everything they were speaking of had to do with destruction. Prayer the Bible says can make GOD change things. GODS all bout life not death. So there you go PRAYER is our most powerful tool we have to communicate to God in time with GOD. Last thing 90% of families remain together/close that pray together. 95%stay together when they go to church together n pray daily 

                                                         7 Steps To Know GOD.   

                                        #3 WAY GOD SPEAKS TO ME. Answered Prayer. 

    GODS primary way of speaking to us is through the Bible. However answered prayer is probably the most prominent way in which we will see GOD speaking to us. Remembering that prayer is our best way to communicate with him. When we pray GOD will always answer our prayers. He does so in one of three ways. Number one answer yes. Number two answer no. Number three answer wait  In the beginning as we start to communicate with GOD  in prayer we will predominantly see the answer is he reveals it to us. As we progress in this process we call prayer/communication with GOD The answers will often come with an understanding rather than a revelation/like in showing us our answer in the physical realm. The answers will often as we mature will come in a spiritual answer before he physically put it in front of us. This is done to increase our faith. Obviously when our prayers get answered yes and we see it then we know GOD is interesting in me. However as a mature Child of GOD  in the realm of faith my relationship with GOD  will flourish The Bible says it is impossible for us to please GOD without faith.  The second answer will be no this we do not often like to hear. Again in the beginning if our answers are no chances are you’ll recognize the answer is no when you do not see anything manifest in the physical realm. Often we will continue to go back to the LORD and pray for the same thing even though we got no for an answer. That being said it is very unlikely that God will ever change his mind after telling you no. If he does it will not turn out well. He only allowed it to come to pass to show us we didn’t need that specific request. We have to understand that the main reason why God would say no is that number one it is not beneficial to the kingdom nor is it beneficial to us. Actually GOD is probably trying to protect us from something. The third answer wait it’s a much harder one to deal with. As at least in the beginning we were used to seeing the answer manifest in front of us, and because we don’t we may assume that it’s Yes. Remember that waiting does not mean stopping all your activity in and around GOD another thing to remember is that when you are involved in ministry/KINGDOM BUILDER there is an awful lot of waiting around. Another words God has to finish the equation. While you are waiting for the answer to come to pass. We keep on praying we keep on meditating we keep on studying the word we keep on fellowship in with other believers. We stay active we stay busy until we get the answer revealed to us. Remembering that the answer is not always what we anticipated. But any answer in which we are given makes no difference whether we anticipate it or not we must receive the fact that the answer is for us to increase our faith and our relationship with GOD. The whole prayer concept/reality is all designed for us to be drawn closer to our LORD. The closer we get the more we appreciate the things that GOD  does even more we are intrigued how GOD actually works out the whole equation. At the beginning of this study that GOD I mentioned GOD is always working around us. Again I refer you to the equation. As you pray you might be absolutely totally ready to make that step in the direction that GOD wants us to take. However the other end of the equation might not be worked out yet. If you recall a few post to go I wrote about the second most important INTERVENTION GOD did Gave me my future / now my wife. I just want to bring to your remembrance that I have been praying for five years to find my wife. She had only been praying for a few months. When both ends of equation were worked out at my end of the equation then n only then did we finally meant. There is also in the book of Matthew where JESUS calls the LORDS PRAYER many people misunderstand what it really is there are many denominations that start their service off without prayer. However if you read very closely Jesus said this is not a prayer to be used over and over again. What is actually a outline / equation that gives us our best opportunity for GOD to answer our prayer possibly in a quicker way there’s always a right way and a wrong way to ask for things. When we ask the correct way people respond in a positive way. This is why JESUS gave us this outline/equation. I don’t know if I will get to that particular scripture. Lastly I would like to just bring to your attention that all of his communications that GOD is doing with us it’s all designed for us to develop a meaningful loving relationship with GOD. GOD desires nothing more than to build a love relationship with you. Understanding the fact that he has a vested interest in us. It was the death of his son. If this is something that he wants then we must follow the path that he shows us so that we can arrive in the place just in/on time to join GOD in what he desires. Blessings. One. Love. PD

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    September 25, 2022 9:07 AM EDT

                                               7 STEPS IN KNOWING GOD

                                             5 Steps How GOD Speaks To Us 

    GOD Speaks To Us Through

    1) BIBLE

    2) Prayer 

    3) Answered Prayer 

    4) Circumstances 


    I think probably the best way to introduce this subject would be to go through to the book of James. James speaks of different reasons why we go through difficult times( Circumstances) he puts them in the category of trials and tribulations. Almost all of our circumstances that we are in have to do with sowing and reaping. However there are many times that it has nothing to do with sowing and reaping. Either way, anyway, we arrive at this place called circumstances. They may be bad they may be good. Both however are designed for us to be drawn closer to the LORD. Let’s look at the reasons why we may have bad circumstances especially when it comes to our sowing and reaping. Our father allows us to go through hard times, because most of those times it has to do with our relationship with GOD. We for whatever reason at this point decide not to move on/forward so GOD allows hard times to come (by design) We Will hit a place where we have one option we Repent return and pray, seek GODS face. Remember God wants to build a loving relationship with us. Being over in the bad circumstance camp it’s very hard to have that loving relationship with GOD. Actually until we repent we won’t have that relationship He wants. The second reason we may be in good or bad circumstances/perceived is because GOD is trying to help us to graduate to the next level. I have mentioned this before but it bares repeating Theoretically we go to school,we go to each grade with this long-term purpose of at least graduating from high school and possibly college. However we cannot go to college until we graduated from high school or GED. My point is that we have to graduate each grade in order to move up/at least that’s the way it used to be. So when we get to a place where we have decided that we are really comfortable where we are spiritually we kinda stay in the same spot. Two things come to pass, first JESUS will continue to move forward and #2)/way too often our comfortable place that we have found turns into what we call complacency. Complacency will always stop you from moving forward to enjoy the relationship our Father desires The fact that our LORD is in the midst of our circumstances to take us to the next step. (This ties in quite a bit with the 23rd PSALM ) which would be the green pastures or he comes looking for us in a place called the valley of the shadow of death. Either way our LORD is either meeting my need or in the process of revealing our need so that he can deliver us from it. In a sense we may have anywhere from 5 to 10 circumstances a day that the LORD will reveal himself in if we are sensitive enough to have the eyes to see in the ears to hear like you spoke in the book of Matthew. Conclusion pay very close attention to your circumstances for within those circumstances we will find our LORD and what he is doing in/for our lives

    My prayer in this short little lesson will now help us to look at life‘s issues/circumstances in a different way. Rather than feeling that the whole universe is against us, or that we are just doing so well the whole cosmos is lining up in our favor. Both of them will require us missing the LORD in the mist of what’s going on in our life once we are aware f this reality than we can much quicker not react but to ACT (there’s a huge difference) upon what we are being shown. Happy n Blest Sunday. Blessings One Love PD

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    September 28, 2022 5:08 AM EDT

                                                     7 STEPS IN KNOWING GOD 

                                                     5 WAYS GOD SPEAKS TO US

    1) The BIBLE 

    2) Prayer 

    3) Answered Prayer 

    4) Circumstances 

    5) Other Believers                            OTHER BELIEVERS 

    It shouldn’t be a surprise that our LORD uses other believers First we are all Family The thing is GOD will use a child or a leadership role staff. As HIS children we are all at a different place with GOD. Paul spoke of babes drinking milk and we we mature HE downloads more into us If we practice our communication skills and  the more confident in our relationship n pursue a more meaningful relationship This gives us the ability to make JESUS LORD of our LIVES Know to get here we must daily discipline ourselves to keep striving to be hungry n thirsty (for you will be filled) No matter how long one stays committed to this path will remember n will see where GOD sent us his messenger to speak to us or with us. One is most often instructing us where we were a miss in that relationship GOD desires Again HE uses others to accomplish this type of communication. The other is us pushing forth for the prize This is where we inquire on anything GOD. Remember most of this learning will be accomplished by those usually in leadership. Although we build solid relationships with others and often talk to them on building that relationship with our LORD. The first is tricky as GOD has used another to speak to me Almost always it’s something I’m struggling with (change directions) some known others you may not be aware of. When I first meant my future wife she was all bout kids/youth and she somehow talked me into working in the youth department. I was teaching 2nd grade when a girl (Christina) asked me a question. Immediately I knew GOD was telling me something Anyway without getting to far down this path I knew this required an answer if I tell her incorrectly because I don’t want to answer the follow up. Then again tell her the truth GOD just laid at my feet I gave her the correct answer for all occasions. Now I’m waiting for her to ask me WHY (me). Yet she didn’t it was bout her family. It still was something I just got convicted about Then I remember reading out of the mouth of babes. She had no idea I had to change things in my life to be more credible. Yet HE didn’t send an adult nor leadership or even any of my few closest friends HE sent a 8 yr old to get his message out. Also as a child of GOD one should find the people in HIS family that are more mature likely more knowledgeable and keep close to them. They will fill both roles tell you their concern or encourage you to keep pushing on/forward. 


    CONCLUSION GOD uses these 5 ways to speak to ALL us He does use Vision n Dreams to speak to others However the BIBLE is his main way to speak to us. It’s that solid foundation we will need to fully embrace the other ways GOD speaks to us( the journey)Yet everything but BIBLE is our way of speaking (watching) what the LORD is doing in our lives to draw us closer. The closer we come the more we enjoy it to the point of desiring to stay at the feet of The MASTER. 

    I pray this finds us all growing closer to our LORD. May you enjoy this day. Remember to make someone’s day you will find it’s addicting. Blessings One Love PD

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