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    September 12, 2022 2:59 PM EDT
    Daryl Page said:

    Dear Sister Janet Sorensen . Idk to reach you other then here. So I’m leaving a message her I have been praying for you  I just was wondering if there’s anything else I could pray for? Also was wondering if your having any brake through with you Chronic Pain. I didn’t want you to think id forget you after your posts Anyone I see has a specific health needs I try to remember them and to let them know there’s one more person out there praying for you/them. Blessings One Love PD


    Hi Daryl, I think I am doing a somewhat better but I don't want to say it too loud or the devil might hear me! Thank you so much for the prayers. I have had a feeling I was being prayed for. I'm trying really hard to work more hours and make more money with my writing, and it seems to be working as I had applied for disability but now I'm making way too much to qualify. It isn't always easy. I have a pretty complicated physical and mental health history. I'm just trying to get my daughter raised (she's 18 but you know that isn't all that grown up especially since the pandemic slowed everything down) and not put too much of a burden on my longsuffering husband! Also my mom is 90, and my brother and sister and I are not getting along too well in trying to meet her needs. I am the youngest and it doesn't seem to matter that I am 58 now! I am still the "baby"! lol I love them tho. I love what you are doing here. It reminds me of "prayer and testimony" meetings we used to have on Wednesdays when I was growing up. I think we need to share more of our experiences and try to build up each other's faith. I have a story to tell about when I was 22 and had a "crazy" gut feeling that saved my life. It is kind of long so I will save it for another time! Love and thanks!

  • September 12, 2022 3:05 PM EDT
    Rod Fortner said:
    Wow! What a powerful testimony, Craig! Thanks for sharing!
    Craig Mondello said:

    Blessed be the GOD and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ. This is not the beginning of things but I thought I would share what I just realized that today marked the 2nd anniversary of the Lord showing me that "death" truly has no sting whatsoever through a major heart attack. I will try to be as in depth as I can . . . August 21st 2020 as I was finishing folding laundry at the hotel I was staying at in Bossier City, LA. for a  multi year project inspecting B-52 Bombers the USAF it had been a long week of dealing with chest pains, could not eat without pain later in the evening and keeping me up all night with no sleep and what felt like constant indigestion. I sat down after folding clothes looking at the television for a minute until all of sudden it felt like a sledge hammer with a running head start slammed into my chest. Not knowing what to do and hesitant to make the call for help, I jumped into the shower to try to relive pain but as soon as the hot water hit the chest, the chest folded . . . it was time to make the call. So, I called down to the help desk to call 911. The call was made and God bless Mr. Don the maintenance supervisor (who later discovered he too had the same thing a year before myself) rushed upstairs to my room with blankets to keep me warm and to make sure I would be alright until the paramedics arrived. Once they arrived they were able to confirm it was a heart attack. They ran vitals and began to administer nitro except the nitro barely touched the attack and needless to say all the way to the hospital and while in the ER I was eating nitro as if there was no tomorrow but to not much avail due to the fact that (and I'm jumping ahead) I had a very healthy heart for a then 52 year old but had 100% blockage just at the junction of the LAD and the irony was that I was working out 6-7 days a week and had a very healthy diet go figure. I was in the ER for a while as there was a delay getting the cath lab ready due to a busy day and it was late at night. I began going in and out of conscience and the ER staff was becoming more concerned to the point they made the decision to start to head up as we running out of time that I was not going to make it. This was at the point where GOD really showed me who HE was (not the first in my life though) As they rushed me out into the hall it was pure panic and chaos until I saw the light mounted in the ceiling. Keep in mind these were LEDs and bright however, the light became as brilliant, bright and as crystal clear beyond what our human minds could comprehend and everything slowed completely down, the sound disappeared then the most unimaginable peace took over and while staring at the light I could see His presence lean down from Heaven over me and as He leaned down, out of the periphery vision I could literally see death and sin move out the picture and the gasping for air and breath suddenly stopped and I have never felt so good, so relaxed and pain free as I did in that moment. At that point I looked up and said to GOD "If you want to take me now, I am okay with it because I know you have my family and they are in good hands." As soon as I said this . . . the panic and chaos resumed as I was at the elevator to go up to the cath lab. While having the procedure to insert the stent into the heart, as soon as the stent puncture the blockage and blood flowed once again, I could have jumped off the table as if nothing happened and was good to go. I would like to point out that the entire time this was happening I was at ease for the most part for GOD was with me the entire time telling me constantly "Do not fear, you are not going to die." but instead this was not about a heart attack for a testimony yes it would be great, but this was about something much much more enormous to put it mildly. The testimony and what He wanted to show me was this and it is the one thing we all fear the most: If you are in Christ and Christ is in you and hear me very clearly not I but the Lord says this "YOU WILL NOT EXPERIENCE DEATH" once again "YOU WILL NOT EXPERIENCE DEATH". This was the whole point and what He wanted to show me that as He was leaning down to my presence I was not dying, I was coming alive!!! The closer He came the more ALIVE I was beginning to come! I watched death and sin and my pain disappear out of the picture. Satan wants us all believing that death is inevitable and immanent for the condemned yes, but for those who are His and are not perishing the body will die but not YOU and you are leaving the body and are no longer aware of it because you are coming alive. So do not fear death as He had to take me through this to show me I was His and that death would not affect me and this is why He says in His word one for every day of the year "DO NOT FEAR." There is no reason for it He overcame it and took the keys away . . . Oh death, where is your sting?! This is the hope we have in Him, Christ died for us so that we might live He finished it on the cross and this is the finished work that we can rest in Him, it is done, it is over, period. Live for Him without fear, praise Him, pray and talk to Him, Sing to Him, worship Him, make Him the focus of your life. Yes, you will still have troubles in this life but you will look at it with a totally different perspective knowing He loves you and will guard you. Give it to Him and be at rest for He overcomes them, the battle is His and He already finished it. There IS no more sting . . .



  • September 12, 2022 3:15 PM EDT

    Oh, Craig, what a testimony, all I can say is "praise the Lord most high", I'm honored to call you my brother in Christ Jesus! I'll be 71 this year, and I wish I had the time to tell of my many encounters with my Lord and God, going back all the way to Germany and back to the United States, still amazed by the fact that HE would reach out to sinful me, and when I finally have time I'll record my many encounters with Him! But, I'm still so very active right now, next to taking care of my ill and somewhat disabled husband, also, still involved with Home Health Care going out and taking care of the elderly and shut-in's as long as the Lord wills it, as long as I'm able to point them to the Lord! Well, blessings upon you and yours, your sister Liesel  "Numbers 6:24-26"

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    September 12, 2022 4:25 PM EDT

    Ms Liesel. I agree Craig is a awesome GOD Centered man. Also it is a honor to call him friend and Brother. That being said in under 175 words and two numbers You said more things about how one that loves the/our LORD joins HIM what an amazing amount of ministering to so many diverse people who really are in need of LOVE. That’s where you shine. As Ministers of the LORD it often takes a heavy toll on us. You sure have encouraged me to step up my game. Lastly but my main point. It’s a HONOR to call you my Sister in the LORD. Blessings One Love PD

  • September 15, 2022 10:29 PM EDT

    Thank you Liesel and Daryl for the kind words. It's not I at all but what the Lord does through me (and anyone else he chooses and who chooses Him) that makes it GOD centered and to GOD be all the glory. The more you surrender and commit your life in whole to the Lord and begin to walk in His ways, the more you shun the worldly ways and begin to thirst for Him more and more, the more He commits to you and lifts you up. It's really an amazing thing to see. You begin to see the change and you begin to see in the natural GOD working in your life and your faith begins to grow. I guess the best way I can put it is you have to whole heartedly let Jesus take the wheel, let go of this world and be great with it. Just like when Peter stepped out of the boat and walked on water that's the whole metaphor for our lives. So, when Peter looked down and sank was just like when we turn our eyes and thoughts away from GOD back onto this world we begin to sink again until we recommit back to GOD. The longer period of time we commit to Him, the better it gets, that's how we grow from spiritual milk to the meat of His word. Believe me when I say I am nothing special just a wretched man in the flesh . . . To GOD be ALL the glory!

  • September 15, 2022 10:57 PM EDT
    Liesel aka Lisa Wardle said:

    Oh, Craig, what a testimony, all I can say is "praise the Lord most high", I'm honored to call you my brother in Christ Jesus! I'll be 71 this year, and I wish I had the time to tell of my many encounters with my Lord and God, going back all the way to Germany and back to the United States, still amazed by the fact that HE would reach out to sinful me, and when I finally have time I'll record my many encounters with Him! But, I'm still so very active right now, next to taking care of my ill and somewhat disabled husband, also, still involved with Home Health Care going out and taking care of the elderly and shut-in's as long as the Lord wills it, as long as I'm able to point them to the Lord! Well, blessings upon you and yours, your sister Liesel  "Numbers 6:24-26"

    I bet that would be a lot of amazing encounters you have to tell!

    I know what you mean, I am still a road grinder and blessed to be traveling and still working a lot soon to be 54 in a few months. We go where the Lord leads, amen.

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    September 16, 2022 9:42 AM EDT

    Craig Mondello.Thank you for your powerful words of great humility. It’s no wonder GOD works with you in a so powerful ways. It’s not often as a man and Pastor do I see such devotion to our LORD. Most men think GOD the Church (setting as they misunderstand the Church) and of course the Bible are for them strictly for woman and children idk all the reasons NONE Valid Sadly for most every man will stand in front of the one (LORD) they been denying and HE will deny them n cast them into lake of fire. So you my brother are what the Bible says you are a peculiar person. We are also called Children of GOD also a Royal Priesthood don’t forget Co heirs to the Kingdom. I so get the humbleness and GOD can use men like you son powerfully in KINGDOM BUILDING. I for many years of serving HIM considered in the main scheme of bings I was just a nobody (casting crowns has a great tune “I’m Just A Nobody” check it out sounds much like you. That said I’m Harvey into GRACE n I try to remember how our FATHER sees us (perfect as HE sees us I like to say through the eyes of CHRIST but more accurately through the blood of CHRIST. It gives me a deeper love for HIM I still stay humble but now I feel stronger as I grow into GRACE. Much like you point if I choose to follow HIm HEcwill choose me to join HIM. (I’d refer you to the 7 ways to build a relationship of love with HIM it’s in testimonial page) I so enjoy your testimony’s n Ms Liesel I am looking so forward to the ways GOD brought you out of Germany and gave you to us. Thus all the amazing things you do to further the KINGDOM. Both you n Craig are KINGDOM BUILDERS. Craig. I had a shirt made for me many years back. It read. GOD is my pilot. JESUS is my co pilot The HOKY SPIRIT is my navigator. I’m just the passenger. TY both for coming back. Peace Joy Mercy n Grace are my prayers for you both. Again TY both for posting. Blessings One Love PD

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    September 18, 2022 10:15 AM EDT


                                                          THE BEGINNING

    So this story starts back in February 14 1970 That-was the day of my salvation. Being I came up .through the traditional Baptist ways. I didn’t know the HOLY SPRIT to me. So within a month I innocently asked what would HE have me to be Just that fast He said you will a Pastor. We were taught not to talk to the HS. We actually call the HS it not HIM. So to have HIM answer took me by surprise. Both with the fact HE spoke but the answer was extremely concerning I couldn’t read only at 3rd grade level. I was petrified to even give a report in front of the class and those were usually about five minutes long. I never seem to ever get to that five minutes I will prepare for 10 minutes but it took about three minutes. So immediately I begin to explain to him the deficiencies that I had. Although I did not hear another word from him no matter how much I protested. So I took public speaking in a drama class just in case I heard him correctly   No fast forward to the year 1997. For about six months the people surrounding me trying to convince me it was time for me to step out and become a pastor. I knew what my calling was but no hurry to get there. Then finally we had to part ways and decide that we would leave but we had no place to go  That being said I was still very reluctant to go. But I had no place in which we were going to be able to meet 15 kids that wanted to go with me and several adults. And one of the people who left with me had picked up a building across the street from the Methodist Church. I was sitting with Susanna. We were talking about what to do next. That’s when she told me that I could use her building if I decided to start the ministry. I still was quite apprehensive. Then I had left to go home n do my Bible study and pray about it. I’m at home and I did my Bible study for that day. Mind you I was doing studies every day, however the day before I had missed my study. I know when I was about to read if I would’ve read it the day before it would’ve meant nothing to me. When I read it that Friday it spoke to me in volumes. This is one of the ways that the Lord speaks to us predominantly the Bible i’m actually doing a testimonial on the Waze that the Lord built a relationship with us one of which he uses the Bible to speak to us. Anyway the verses were from Romans where it spoke of how can they learn unless somebody was sent. It also talked about the feet of those who prepare the gospel how precious that is. So I went back and sit down and talk to Susanna about what I had just read, seem like a confirmation. But again I am still quite reluctant to take this step, seems like everybody else has much more confidence in me than I did she kept telling me Daryl it’s time. I said to her I only have one request if we are to start this together. That we call ourselves the Light House Ministries. At that moment she broke down and started crying. I asked what the problem. She says there is no problem I don’t know if you know it or not but my husband is a captain who is in charge of driving those big freighters in the ocean. She said  I asked him today if he would build me a Light  House so I can put it out front that would be confirmation number two on the same day. But again I seem to be as thick as a brick. But later on in the afternoon young man came by and asked us what we were doing. I told.him some of the things that we were doing one of which was to start a ministry. He then begin to tell us of a ministry that he belong to you 15 years earlier. . I asked him what the name of the place that he was worshiping at the time. He said it’s no longer was in existence however when it was it was called Light House Ministries. That was my third confirmation Being a baseball player the number three has a significant meaning to me. So I was at that point when I told Susanna that we would meet later on in the evening with the kids. By the way the date the LORD had us start The ministry was February 14, 1997. It took 27 years for the Lord to get me in the place where he could use me to be a KINGDOM BUILDER. My future wife Karen (who’d I’d been dating since 1989) had perfected a sports ministry that we had been using for a few years to help build other churches up At the time I was  working for YFC. Susanna said if we wanted we could use that ministry to build the Light House   We met at Susanna‘s place for about two hours That’s  was when we first went out to look for a place to stay. We found it our self it was definitely a God thing. So we stayed there for two years before we got the place That the LORD told me to pull over. In this case God intervened by closing all the doors where I had become comfortable. Likely because I was real close to becoming complacent. So when all the doors are closed you have to look for the open door. I had mentioned before that I had a told you of a Christian witness wear shirt  that I created. It read GOD The FATHER is my pilot JESUS is my copilot the Holy Spirit is my navigator I’m just a passenger. Another words when they pulled over I get out and do what they showed me Then I get back in the jet and move to my next assignment . I never wanted to drive I never wanted to be copilot and I surely didn’t want to try to navigate all I want to do is be there passenger.i probably could have started the ministry a few months earlier. I just didn’t think I was ready. The thing is One can never really be ready to be a pastor. GOD  often times almost all the time creates the person for the job not the job for the person. I knew for 27 years what he told me I would be I just wanted to make sure that I was fully ready to step into this office call pastor. However God knows more than we do. We’d like to think we know about ourselves pretty well yet the word says HE knows us before we were conceived. Which means God knows us much more intimately than we know ourselves. He knows when we should be moving forward. The thing is in my humble opinion if GOD had called you to do something it will come to pass weather you are already in favor for it at the time or you’re not in favor of it at the time. GODS timing cannot be disregarded. This was a different way forgot to intervene looking back I do not think it was another time when all the doors were closed before he opened up another one. We all matured therefore we were looking for the doors that were opening before the door closed behind us. It was a way to increase our faith. He exponentially increased it when two years later we found exact building that we needed in the exact place with the exact price that we needed with all the area we needed for parking here for kids. Now today look where this is taking me. I am a pastor that is allowed to volunteer in the school system as a Pastor. Even down here in Florida that is a pretty unique position/opportunity being in the school helped us to develop B-RARE and nine years later B-RARE 101 our Faith Based after school program. Over the years that we have been there close to 150 children have been saved. Blessings. One. Love. PD

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    September 22, 2022 10:44 PM EDT


                                                        Guatemala. You Are Here 

    We were in our end of our first year of Lighthouse. When I was approached to go on a missionary trip to Guatemala. I had no desire whatsoever to go outside the United States. I actually did not see any necessity to leave my community is there was so much work to be done there. However I did ask my mentor Conrad Beton he was also my supervisor while I was working for YFC. I truly expected him to say stay home and continue to minister to your area. I was astonished when he said you need to go on a missionary trip. Missionary trips will give you a whole different vision of how GOD works, also a great appreciation of how GOD accomplishes things outside one’s comfort zone. I was five weeks out from having to meet everybody in Dallas Texas. I still had no desire to go to another country. So I did with any person who didn’t want to do something would do and that is called procrastination. I literally waited seven business days from having to leave Before I went down and got a passport. This is the first INTERVENTION on this missionary trip. When I turned in the paperwork the lady behind the desk asked when do you need this by and I told her by next week. She assured me that there was no way possible even if I paid extra for this passport would get back in one week. So I’m feeling pretty good about not having to go. That is until five days later I get a call from the passport agency. She informed me my passport is in. Well I went to to pick it up begrudgingly, when she gave it to me she noticed what the date when it was applied for. She inquired what was thieves passport for  I told her it was for a missionary trip. She told me I better go because this is definitely a GOD thing. She said she’s been working there 25 years and never saw this happen before! Two days later I’m on my way to Guatemala. We were doing some medical relief missionary work where we would also give them the gospel as we waited for them to get their medication‘s or prescriptions. Our fourth day out we had gone way out into the country. All I remember was high mountains really really skinny roads hairpin turns  Our second day there at 4 o’clock we are decided to go for a walk. Who are fearless leader William on our little walk. Just before we left we were reminded that we needed to be back by 5 o’clock. It is a custom that you need to be on time for meals when somebody is catering to you. Actually that’s just really being polite. After 20 minutes we had no left the small road that went through the middle of the village down to the lake. We were now getting into smaller and smaller ally ways. At 4:30 I asked William do you know where we are? He said I think so but I’m not sure. So we followed him for another five minutes. When he stops and turns and says I don’t know where we are. We have exactly 25 minutes to get back For dinner and we’ve already walked for 35. About this time we had emptied out into a huge field probably thousands of acres. When everybody was getting anxious about what we were going to do because we didn’t want to cause any problems for our pastor that was leading the medical relief team. I told everybody we probably should pray and ask for guidance. After all the Holy Spirit did guide Jesus into the wilderness. He also equipped him to get out of the wilderness. So we prayed and I suggesting we should walk towards the shore and try to follow that around till we get to Our village. After 10 minutes of walking we saw a building way out in the middle of the field. This will be INTERVENTION number two. We walk up to the building and realized  it has not been used probably for 30 or 40 years. We walked up to it and we see written in English. “You are here”(x). This  is where you need to be “(X)  plus the exact path that we needed to take to get back there. We took the path we ended up right in front of our building with three minutes to spare. Maybe that does seem odd to you. I would think it was more than odd I would think that probably somebody was exaggerating. However when you put GOD in the equation it makes perfect sense a Spanish speaking country with the building sitting 40 years just happens to have on the side of the building just what we needed. I just want to bring to your remembrance if you have seen or read any of the testimonial I’m doing on the seven ways GOD build relationship with us. One of the things that I wanted to stress is that GOD is always working around us. Well I don’t know this how long the writing was there it may have been there 40 years it may have just been put there 10 minutes before we got there. One may laugh about that one too However in the time I will share other testimonies with you were literally The LORD did something on request immediately.

    Blessings  I pray that when you read this this post that it will encourage you that no matter how difficult your situation may be GOD is already working within those circumstances. If that becomes your natural thought process then you will see things that you have never expected to see in ways that you never anticipated seeing. I started this off Testimonial INTERVENTION I had told you that I had gone to a father-son banquet and there was a missionary there who told me that if you follow the LORD you will see things that nobody else is ever seen and experience GOD  in ways most believers will never do.  
     Thank You All for Your support in reading and posting here. It’s been a very moving experience  to see so much activity. Blessings One Love PD

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    September 26, 2022 9:43 AM EDT


                                                                 STOP THE RAIN 

    Before I post this INTERVENTION I want you bring to your remembrance that I have two other testimonials. One I want to focus on real quickly is seven ways to understand GOD. Specifically want to address one of the five ways in which GOD speaks to us. The BIBLE. In the Bible we have theology we have history we have prophecy past and present. Remember when Jesus came back from the dead HE said all powers give it to me and have an earth. Then when HE Left HE passed that AUTHORITY to us. Actually in the garden Adam and Eve were given complete dominion over the earth. Shortly to follow was the fall of man through sin. Now that Jesus is taking care of that sin problem He can reinstate our AUTHORITY. There are so many areas in our life that we have AUTHORITY over that we have long forgotten, or for most of us actually never learned.  OK so here’s where I tell you everything together in the Old Testament Elijah prayed and it stopped raining for three years. He prayed again in the rain came back. It’s definitely something that happened the question is was that a one off or was it example of things that we also have authority/power over   For most of my adult life and actually all of my adult life down here in Florida I have started owned and ran a lawn business. I had a person that has been helping me for several years. At this point in time I’m not at liberty to give you the name of this person. However this person and I got caught up into a fight online website the posed itself is a Christian website. However their theology was terribly off. One of the things that this site promoted what is that we must call our LORD JESUS Yeshua. This person had bought into the fact that JESUS  would not answer us nor could save us unless we called him by his Old Testament name.  They were plenty of other things that were wrong with that meticulous site. So after four days of rain we went out to work. My new and it’s raining out get in the van I pray like I always do and I ask JESUS if he would stop the rain where it was that we would have to work during the day. I told this person that we have authority over the weather I know you’re gonna laugh about that, that’s only because you’ve never actually tried it if you did you didn’t believe it would work, or you would be laughing about it. Yes we got further and further out closer to the place that we had to make a first stop it just started raining harder and harder the person in the van was smiling almost laughing. Yep same time the enemy was testing me. I was going to have to make a turn and drive 2 miles to cut our first lawn. I remember thinking maybe I should just turn around and go home. That’s one I heard by LORD say so you prayed for something and you’re claiming it because you seen it in the Scriptures however you’re not gonna drive over there to find out whether or not I will stop the rain. One thing I did not do was ask GOD to to deprive anybody of rain just to postpone it until I got my work done as we pull up to the job the skies open up the sunshines we just finished up the lawn and put everything back in the truck in the beginning to rain again I still had two more stops to make that day. As we had it for the second stop it just rain harder and harder this time I didn’t waver I just told the person in the van will stop raining when we get there. It did exactly for the half an hour that I asked GOD related to finish up that lawn. Oh my next job was about 5 miles away it was just getting darker and darker and darker and more rain we almost couldn’t even see where you were going as we came up to the area where I was going to have to turn into the complex I was again thinking maybe I would just bypass this one. However I still had a point to make to the person that was in this van that JESUS would answer prayers that seem impossible. However this time would be different because of my doubts   The LORD told me that this time we would pull up to the job but it would take exactly 10 minutes for the rain to stop we would have exactly 30 minutes to finish and then it would rain. I reminded that person in the van that Elijah had done this. We had already done it twice/actually the LORD did it on my request to show this person who I cared for deeply that they were wrong in their theology. I told my helper what GOD said. I was met with a look of sarcasm. We pulled up I got my watch out and started counting down the minutes, but it seemed every minute that went by the rain just got stronger. Like that was this or do you think this is really going to happen? My answer was GOD told me it would so therefore it will. Exactly on the 10 minute mark the rain stop jumped out finished up the lawn exactly in a half an hour it started to rain as we were loading up the truck. Sadly the person in that van never did see the connection. That’s not necessarily my problem is I was able to make this person accountable, and for me my face was increased by the mirror fact of GOD stopping the rain not for 3 years but rather 3x in four hour period. Perhaps I will share with you in the future how prayer weather cycles/systems were changed. I do want you to remember when I started this testimonial out that there would be things that I would share a quite possibly others which are also seem to be impossible to the point that it would seem that the person/in this case me/was at the very least Taking liberties on his story or just extremely exaggerated. Trust me there will be things that I will speak of that will be hard to believe. Again I want to remind you of the beginning of this post where I said my father and I had gone to a banquet in the missionary said if you serve God you will see and experience things NO one else has seen. This is predominantly the reason I started  INTERVENTION so people could see the amazing things they could or have experienced. So they to can e encouraged to step out in a place JESUS calls Great Faith. Hopefully it will encourage others to pause your experiences here also Hopefully it will encourage others to post their  experiences here also.


    Blessings to all who have read this today. I pray you find your Faith will increase and you to will see/experience things only GOD wants you to see. Blessings One Love PD

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    September 26, 2022 10:17 AM EDT

    Daryl, thank you for this post! Living in Florida all my life I have been through many hurricanes. Namely, Andrew in 1992 which was a Cat. 5, when I lived in Cooper City. I did not even lose power where I lived and no damage. God provided for me and my family with protection and provision. As a child I lived in Miami in a small A-frame wooden home. I can remember watching a hurricane topple our swing set and blow it across the back yard. We did not have hurricane shutters, only put down the awnings. Our jalousie windows did not even have a covering on them! All was well in every storm we faced! Praise God He always protects us!

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    September 26, 2022 1:10 PM EDT

    My Dear Sister Lynn. I was down here for Andrew. We lost power but no damage either. That was my first hurricane. Guess GOD gave me the worst first. After that things should have been easier LoL. One of my topics will be on hurricanes n the power/authority we can have over nature. Hint JESUS calmed a storm (that in that area the wind comes down off the mountain range across the sea it can be equated to Cat 1 hurricane) You will be able to attest to what I will tell. You may not have know the length of time Yet once brought to your memory you can testify This is so GOD like. Two people who only few months ago became acquainted Then I moved to a city Hollywood that you lived in and just few blocks from where you lived You stayed in Fl n will add credibility to a narrative very few would believe n even with you verification they would have to stretch their FAITH way beyond comfort zone. Once again in my topic 7 ways to understand GOD. #4 way GOD speaks to us is n circumstances. All this speaks loudly CIRCUMSTANCES! Idk when I’ll share that one but it wont be to long. Many of GODS INTERVENTIONS in my life have wat I consider been on a whole other plain idk if I’d quantify it as Super Natural Yet many I can’t explain as things that happened to me when I was barely functioning as a Christian. Actually I’d been mistaken for a Christian. It wasn’t till I got into ministry that things I couldn’t explain happened Ok ramble over. Thx for sharing your testimony. I do so appreciate you my Dear Friend n Sister Lynn. I’ll catch up with you soon. I especially am grateful as you’ve posted twice now I believe if this is first then I’m thanking you for your next post. Blessings One Love PD