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Gratitude for blessings

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    June 17, 2017 9:00 AM EDT
    In 2003, my daughter Jennifer three years old and was near her death bed. THey told me she had a 50,50 chance to live or die. I almost fainted right there in the ER. SHE was awake and wanted to go home and get out of her PJ'S and they were going to put her under so that they could pump her full of as many drugs as possible. SHe had Menngococemian a form of meningitis. I could write more but the praise part is this!

    Fast forward 15 years and she valedictorian of her class and going to college. SHe was also an athlete, founded a local FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes) at the local high school, worked a part time job and volunteered when she could. SHe wants to go into medicine and give back doing missions work.

    I give so much glory to God and praise His name. He has brought her and our family through so many trials and sufferings and it is Him that carried us.

    So whatever you are going through, whatever suffering, know that we don't get to predict the ending. The journey has many twist and turns, but once in awhile His glory, love, and kindness is revealed. For me, Jennifer's success is one of those moments.

    I can appreciate the joy of her life, so far lived well.

    Let's all give glory to God for all our blessings and praise for the endings unknown trusting in His goodness.

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    June 17, 2017 9:32 AM EDT

    Praise God, what a beautiful testimony, Michelle, thank you for sharing! Only He know why we have to go through such things, but if nothing else, I know it has made you appreciate every moment with your precious girl. I have a friend who had a similar experience with meningitis with her newborn son, after a very difficult pregnancy because of toxemia. He got through it and turned out to be so energetic and filled with drama (in the best way ;)) and personality. She would say that she would speak many times in gratitude of how much they would have missed, if he hadn't made it through those first few months. Glory to God!