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I ran to Jesus

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    April 15, 2017 12:10 PM EDT

    On Thursday my sister from Europe called to tell me that my dad took a stroke and was not going to pull through.  I am unable to rravel right now due to my condition.  I felt devasted and broken hearted.  The thought that I could not go and give him one last hug and kiss and see him again was devastating me.  I was truly in bad shape!  Nobody in my family was able to console me.  In fact I did not want anyone near me.

    I got in my car and drove to church.  All the while I was heaving with crying and grief.  I started the Chaplet of the Divine Mercy while driving and was begging Jesus to save my dad's soul.  I kept shouting like a mad person, "Jesus I am coming.  Jesus I am on my way to see you!"  Please save his soul before he departs. This part was devastating me the most for reasons.  As soon as I got to church I went in the confessionary where there is a picture of the Divine Mercy.  I knelt beside it and continud to pray incessantly.

    Praise be to the Triune God.  This calm came over me.  As I prayed with my eyes closed I could actually see Jesus holding my dad's soul.  I started to also see my dad's life here on eargh, the life of sorrow and suffering, ending, and a life of eternal bliss starting.

    My devastation turned in joy.

    I actually drove home at peace and with a smile on my lips.

    Lord Jesus You are our only hope of peace and salvation.  You are the only one that all of us can depend on for anything good to come out of any circumstance, even death of a loved one!  I love you Jesus.  I praise you and adore you Jesus.  Blessed Mother thank you for answering my prayers and showing me a personal relationship with your son, my brother, My Lord Jesus.  

    So Jesus, now you have opened up another door for me.  I will never sit home and mope again.  I will never drown in m grief again.  I will be running to you as fast as my car can get me there, staying within the speed limits.

    Our God is an awesome God.  

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    April 15, 2017 12:44 PM EDT

    Praise God, thank you for sharing that testimony, May, praying for you, your dad and your family <3! (((HUGS)))