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It Is Not Easy,But It Is Worthy.

  • March 22, 2017 9:34 AM EDT

    It is not easy to follow Jesus, but it is 100% worthy to accept His presence in every day life. I say this since Jesus walks with me everyday. It has not been easy for the last over 20years. Being born again and redeemed from Muslim background.

    My grandparents and my dad were staunt Muslims. We even had so many Muslim realted rituals performed in our home compound. We had witch doctors come and perform rituals which involved slaughtering and pouring goat blood among many others.

    Amyway, this never was a problem since i was young with little understanding of what was happening. As we grew up, one of my uncles; brother to my dad had joined the military. And during afew year in the military, he converted to Christaianity and was odained as an Aglican Padre. All this happened after my grandparents had already passed away. All the women from my mum to all my uncles wives were non-muslims also. to cut long story short, My uncle would take all the children to Sunday school everytime he came home.

    Gradually my dad and all my uncles were baptized by water and converted to Christianity. Every child who was born was also baptized. I was not baptized until the age of 9years for reasons which even my parents could not explain. I decided to join baptism classes whish lasted 6months. During baptisim ceremony, i experienced the power of the Holy Spirit and since then it has never been the same.

    At that it age it was not clear until but as i grew up, the Lord made it even more clear through the Holy Spirit. It has not been easy, especially standing in the gap to breake bondages and sins and rituals from the past and i bless the Lord for through the Blood of Jesus, it has been well.

    I praise the Lord for many of my family members have been set free and i can testify today that Our Lord Jesus In alive and living in our families. His Name is above every other Name and through Him We are set free.

    We now walk in the Light of the Lord and Trust that we shall be with the Lord for ever and ever.

    Till next time,

    Stay Blessed.


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    March 22, 2017 12:53 PM EDT
    Thank you so much for that beautiful testimony, Tina :)! (((HUGS)))
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    April 11, 2017 5:46 PM EDT

    Great testimony , many need to hear of your struggles and the power of the Holy Spirit. Thank you,  bless you