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The Lord and Jesus Chris helped me 8 time since 1998

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    November 18, 2016 5:55 PM EST

    Well lets start May 20th 1998.I was working for a local newspaper in my hometown.I went to work and 6 hours later i was on my way home.I started not being able to breath good. I smoked suddenly is it to hard to breath.I went to hospital . They told me i was having a heart attack and i was just 43 then.They got me prepared to get the shot they called the breath of Jesus!!!!!! and told me if i didnt take that shot i would die. Well i wasnt born again at that time but i had been baptized.I said give me the shot and they did. Wow were they right about that shot.It cleared some of the blocked arterys enough to let me breath better.It felt like Jesus touched my chest and instantly i was breathing.They did do a cath on my legs so they could put stints in.i was under a lot of medication. it really got to me after i came home i remembered i didnt pray for help and i dont know why i didnt.But God and Jesus was still there anyway and through them i survive this.Now through the years i kept having heart attacks i had 8 altogether. Found out i have hardning of the arteries.So when ever i had one they just put a stint in so fast i never got time to ask for help from God and Jesus till the last one 3 12 2013. I did get to pray.Now with the last heart attack i felt God wanted me to do something. I finally figured it out he wanted me to repent believe that Jesus died for our sins and rose from the dead in 3 days get to know the Holy Spirit and know him as a member of your family and love them all. Well i found all this when i repented AMEN to this.I fill much better about myself . I want to learn about the trinity and read and understand the scripture. I also go on facebook everyday saying prayers and quoting scripture.Inside my body i feel much lighter than ever. I call on the Holy Spirit everyday and i know this might sound wierd but i feel like he gets inside me and shows me the truth of things..Keeps me calm to. Thank you for listening.

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    December 5, 2016 2:39 PM EST

    what an awesome testimony that you shared..  God is so Love!  He loves us first before we realized we need Jesus!  

    Praise the Lord!  thank you for beautiful sharing with us. i know it is scary but God does care and want you to accept HIM and you are officially God' s child!