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    July 10, 2016 2:45 PM EDT

    My wife Wanda and I got to know (were led to) Dion and Sylvia a few years ago while attending Christ Community Church in Conway.SC. Dion and Sylvia immediately friended up to us (in spite of our age difference) and we began hanging out together some , sitting together at church , going out to eat etc. So when pastor Phillip suggested to the congregation that we split ourselves into small "Life Groups" , it was only fitting that we along with Debbie , Marylyn , Richard and Edna formed our life group with Dion and Sylvia. We've been together now for a couple of years I guess and our group has gone thru some changes. Carl and Pam have joined us as  well as Sam and Dale when their schedule allows. We meet on a week night that is convient to all of us and we are flexible with that. We always have a meal (everybody brings something) and afterwards we fellowship in various ways. We watch Christian based learning classes that are broken down into 15 or 20 minute segments and then we discuss what each of us took from that particular segment. Sometimes we will decide to just watch a random movie on netflix. We discuss whats going on in our lives and lay our daily concerns on the table , after which we join hands and take turns praying for (no pressure to pray out loud)each others various needs.We lay on hands , annoint with oil , express our desires for each other for God's consideration knowing that those desires may not fit in God's unique plan for each of us and being thankful for that. We have learned so much more about each other in this Life Group than we ever would have otherwise. I can honestly say that I have come to consider this small group of belivers that I meet with each week as my "Real" church. Its where the real in and out business of my life becomes intertwined with God and his will for me. I still enjoy going to church and fellowshipping with larger groups of like minded Christians , but I think of it more as praise worship. Jesus chose to minister to 12 (roughly) people. Early Christian's met in smaller groups like these in their homes. God is everywhere and where we choose to meet is irrevelant. I would urge anyone who reads this to give it a try, even if your group starts with 2. Lay your concerns and desires on each other. Don't ask God to turn things around for you , instead thank him for already putting it into motion. Be patient , get quiet and listen , hes talking to you.

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    July 10, 2016 3:29 PM EDT

    Thank you for joining up John. We enjoy our life group as well, friends, fun, food, and the Holy Spirit. You and Wanda mean a lot to us. I believe that getting to know a few people well is more meanful than "seeing" 1,000 that you don't really know at all. For those that do not yet have a small group, you should consider starting one at your house. We have been meeting for the last couple of years and it adds a lot to your life when you share it with others. It has been some of our most fun times. It is house church redefined. Here is a picture from yesterday that we took. Sylvia and I are in the back standing:

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    July 11, 2016 9:53 AM EDT

    Aww, thanks so much for the love, John! You and Wanda are two of our most dearest friends and we are honored to know you both <3. Haha, to be honest, I never think of us as having an age difference :). 


    I completely agree that there is value in both larger groups and smaller groups of believers. A large group brings a level of diversity in beliefs, gifts, skills and knowledge that is difficult to make happen in a small group. Similar to a gene pool, without that, the body cannot remain strong. On the other hand, there is a level of intimacy, of having time to go deeper to work out our needs, shortcomings, and just developing a level of trust that is better served in a smaller, quieter setting.


    Here at RHM, as with everywhere, we do neither perfectly, but we try ;-). At the main page and some other places, everyone is free to post and share. There are also smaller areas, like our groups, prayer page, the live services, where we share specific interests, news and needs. Dion and I also try to be available for messaging from members. Since, however, we are both of very similar character, no doubt there are vast shortcomings there, too :D. 


    Thanks so much for being here, John, and always being there for us!

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    December 1, 2016 1:02 AM EST
    I, also joined a small group during the week and I just love it. I feel it is more church in small groups because of the level of intimacy in sharing God's word and fellowship. Thank you for sharing about your group....if I lived closer, I might ask to