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God's test

  • July 9, 2016 4:14 PM EDT

    I just witnessed the most beautiful random act of kindness. Anyone who lives in Brownsville knows how busy the intersection of Boca Chica and Central boulevards can be. There was this little man who had just shopped at H-E-B and was going to try and cross through this intersection. - this little man is crippled and has to walk very, very slowly. I was stopped at the intersection and saw this homeless man - who sits at the intersection - run quickly to the man and help him cross the busy street. He slowly walked him across as the little man dragged his foot. I was so overcome with emotion because this homeless man got up to help the little man. No one else had stopped to help him or seemed to care. I drove around the block and went to where the men were and told them I would give the little man a ride home. Talk about both of them being so gracious to me. I said no, you - I directed this to the homeless man - I thank you for doing what you did for this stranger. I asked God to bless them both. I am strong believer that God puts us in certain places at certain times to see what we will do. I hope I passed his test. I did give a donation to the homeless man for what he did for the little man.

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    April 26, 2017 8:35 AM EDT

    Laura, random acts are seldom random. Please know that God is watching and you have passed the test!