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Praise God For His Mercy and Grace

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    July 6, 2016 12:49 AM EDT

    I am 70 ye­ars old an­d a born a­gain Chris­tian, I st­ill am emp­loyed and ­blessed by­ God with ­good physi­cal health­. I live a­lone with ­my four ca­ts which a­re my fur­children a­s never ha­d human ki­ds of my o­wn. I atte­nd the loc­al church ­here in th­e mountain­s of St.He­lena, Cali­fornia it ­is called ­the "­Haven"­; it is an­ Seven Day­ Adventist­ Church he­re on the ­hospital c­ampus, alt­hough i am­ not a adv­ents it is­ an open d­oor church­ and true ­believers ­as God ble­ssed me an­d guided m­e here 4 y­ears ago a­s he guide­d me to th­e hospital­ for emplo­yment 11 y­ears ago a­nd the hos­pital is a­lso Advent­ist hospit­al and 80%­ Aventists­ working h­ere, and s­uch a mira­cle to be ­able to pr­ay openly ­and share ­our faith ­and tell o­thers of J­esus and G­od whether­ co-worker­s or patie­nts or fam­ilies/frie­nds of pat­ients. I s­truggle wi­th depress­ion but ha­ve an exce­llent doct­or right h­ere at the­ hospital ­and my mas­ter physic­ian God is­ always at­ my side.

  • July 8, 2016 2:06 PM EDT

    What a great testimony. I know what you mean-- I often attend churches where I am not that particular denomination. One Body of Christ, right? :-) Like in a human body, each cell reads the same "book of instruction" (our DNA) yet draws hugely different conclusions on what to do, as a result. Yet, we are a part of the body if we listen to the head.

    God bless, and may the Lord fill you with hope, peace, and joy!

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    July 16, 2016 1:18 AM EDT
    Very nice testimony! God does guide us to where He wants us to be for the love He has for us.
    St. Helena is not far from Napa...I know He looks after us closer than a parent.
    God Bless and may our Lord continue to bless you with His guidance and peace!