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  • July 2, 2016 3:43 PM EDT

    From today, 2016-07-02...

    Yesterday, at home, I got in my head a strong image of a tree in the seating area of the Old Capitol mall. I took it as a sign for what the Lord wanted from me, today… especially since I’d been praying for Him to help me write, this weekend. They have outlets by the tree, where you can plug in your laptop and work comfortably.

    However. I think too much, sometimes, and this was no exception. Maybe it was better to work from my work computer, on the top floor of the mall, instead. Three LCD monitors, after all!

    Then, as I was walking in through the parking ramp toward my office, I got a call from my brother, BJ. I asked where he was, and he replied that he was also walking into the mall from the ramp. He was one floor down, and walking in at the exact same time as me, unplanned.

    So, I walked in from upstairs, but headed downstairs and ended up chatting with my family in front of the tree in the seating area. :-)

    The brief flash of a vision had been fulfilled even though I’d worked against it. I didn’t mean to work against the Lord, I just wasn’t 100% confident it was from Him, or, even if it was, I thought maybe it was only a suggestion of an approximate place to work.

    If you intend to follow Him--wholeheartedly--He’s always able to make His precise will come to pass. :-)


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    July 2, 2016 4:14 PM EDT

    Thank you for sharing, Chris! I agree completely. I believe that, especially when we inquire, if He doesn't make it clear, it must not be that important :). We know from other times, when He HAS made himself clear, that He is more than able!