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    April 24, 2016 10:29 PM EDT

    My granddaughter fell ill this weekend with that horrible stomach bug that has been going around. She had a bad night and my daughter had to work today. This morning around 8:00am we gave her Motrin, in an attempt to break her fever. She had not kept anything down all night and her temp had ran 102 for some time. After checking her temperature a couple of times, with no decrease, I had begun to think she may have to actually be put in the tub to cool her off. At 10:00am, while waiting anxiously for the "beep" to sound on the thermometer, I asked God to help break this fever. The beep came-temp was still at 102, however, at that exact moment my granddaughter's eyes opened wide and she smiled. She began to talk happily and reached for her juice to drink. Within 15 minutes her fever began to drop and within 30 minutes she was at 99.6! Popcicles to follow, of course! Once again, I was reminded all prayers are answered and in his time! :) Faith brought us a nice day! Thank you, God!