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  • April 24, 2016 12:10 PM EDT

    Decided to repost this from elsewhere...

    On my walk home from work, today, as I approached my apartment complex, I started thinking how I came from vague faith to deeper faith--

    Specifically, I remembered driving, one day, a number of years ago, worshiping along with a song on the radio. The song was Awesome God, and it came to conclusion just as I reached the top of this steep hill near my home. At just that moment, lightning struck directly in front of my car and very close (maybe 50 yards?). The DJ then came on and yelled “Wooo! God is large and in charge!” with perfect timing, as though he saw the strike, too.

    --That was among God’s first winks at me that He’s indeed there with us. That the Bible is more than just stories.

    Anyway, as I entered my apartment building, I got the sense that I could look forward to a delivery. I hadn’t ordered anything. Nevertheless, I got to my door, and there was indeed an unexpected package from a local Christian radio station. It contained a cutting board (how random lol). Just the day before, I had been thinking about how I was sorry I had given up trying to learn Indian cooking months earlier.

    So, delighted, I sat down, opened Facebook on my phone, and the first post was: “Our God is an Awesome God.” :-) It was a wonderful welcome home from a rough day. :-)



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