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God's reminders

  • March 30, 2016 9:09 AM EDT

    I had just walked out of the imaging center after getting a CT Scan on my body. I had been dealing with some health issues and was just asking God to please heal me and remind me to be faithful in his promises to me, that he will never give me more than I can handle. I got inside my little SUV and just as I was driving away, I looked to my right and saw something that truly opened my eyes. It was a family taking a woman out of a pickup truck. They were carrying her on blanket and lowering her down. It immediately reminded me of a passage in the Bible where a group of men lower down a paraplegic man from the ceiling of a building so Jesus could see him and in hopes that he will be healed. I knew at this moment - when I saw the lady - that it was God telling me "My child, look out there, there are so many people out there  who are dealing with much more serious illnesses then you are." I told God I was sorry for feeling sorry for myself and to please heal her and help her family. I know I was meant to see this as his reminder to me.

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    March 30, 2016 10:56 AM EDT

    Praise God, Laura, for such a perfect reminder! Whatever we are dealing with, there is always something worse. I pray for both you and that woman you saw, that He bring His perfect healing, in the name of Jesus!