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Love; I Dare You!

  • January 31, 2016 1:47 PM EST

    LOVE I Dare You: By David Wyles

    Love, let’s take a look at it. Why did God give us Jesus? Love; for god so loved the world, he gave his only son [John 3:16] that’s right he loved us. He loves us so much that before any of us were even born he had given us his love >> Jesus! What did Jesus do? Well, he released us from the law of sin which led to death and he gave us everlasting life through the love of God. When Jesus was asked “What is the greatest commandment of them all?” [Matthew 22:36-40] he replied “Love your God with your whole body, mind, and soul. Secondly, Love your neighbor as you love yourself.” So we see that everything is done out of love. In fact after Jesus was gone, Paul tells us that the whole law is fulfilled in one commandment; Love your neighbor as you love yourself. [Galatians 5:14] So the whole fulfilled by one thing; Love!
    Then why if love covers the whole law have we been taught that we should follow the commandments, when love covers them all? Should they not have taught us about love? How to perfect love, what real love is, how much God loves us? But instead let’s shove the commandments down your throat, preaching about this commandment or that… Do they not know? >> that by works of law no flesh shall be declared righteous, for by law come the accurate knowledge of sin. [Romans 3:20]
    So then if trying to follow his commandments has not worked out so well for you so far, why not try the only commandment>> LOVE!?! God loved us so much that before we were born he knew that he would give us his spirit. [1Corintians 3:16] That by our faith in Jesus his blood would sanctify us. Sanctify means to make holy [Hebrews 10:10], be made perfect [Hebrews 10:14], and righteous for life [Romans 5:18].
    So there is all this love from God but no one preaches about it. Did you know these things? One thing I have learned over the years (I am 50) is if what we teach is not up-building to the people hearing or reading it then how is it going to bring them closer to God? I truly hope that through the accurate knowledge of love, our only commandment, that your life might be easier and that you will draw closer to God because of these gifts from him to you.
    We all confess to have love but the only love we know is what Satan has taught us…right now you’re probably saying …HUH? But let’s review, when we are young very young what happens? We fall in love >> this usually happens around 4 to 12 years old. We call it puppy love. I remember being about seven or eight I fell in love with a girl and she seemed to love me. You couldn’t separate us at school (not in a bad way). Then she had to move. WE both cried, it broke my heart and I’m sure hers too. This is how it starts, he brakes our hearts and then usually again as teenagers. When he breaks our hearts it starts all the other things from Satan; hurt, depression, anger, fear, doubt, anxiety, and more. These feelings are all from Satan, but the worst was your love. Love is your way out! So Satan tries to break down your love at a tender young age so that you might never get to know true love for yourself and others. If you don’t love yourself, how can you love others? I have been married 30 years to one woman. We love each other more than anything. But for the last 30 years we have argued, yelled, put each other down, and been angry on many, many occasions. Why? Is this true love? We knew it was, but we didn’t act like it sometimes. What Satan had started had stuck with us, two Christians. All through my 20’s I tried to perfect myself for God and my wife. Every time Satan would pull me back into anger, fear, and doubt. Then in my 30’s, the same thing >> every time I’d get close there would be anger, fear, and hurt. Well at 42 I had been studying the bible for about 22+ years, praying for accurate knowledge before I read. I had an epiphany; you can read about it in the testimony’s section here at RHM. Now 8 years later, I’m here to teach about love. God called and I listened. My spirit guided me to pick up a pen and write about my epiphany, then about God’s love. At the same time my spirit guided me to the scriptures about the gifts all of us have received through our faith. Then he opened my mind to grasp how great love is. How it alone could conquer the flesh and free us from the grasp Satan has on each and every one of us. You know; fear, doubt, hurt, anger, depression, fornication, and anything that keeps you so busy that you don’t have time for love, or cause you to lash out at the ones you do love. The Great Deceiver! We see in 1 John5:19 that the whole world is lying in the power of the great deceiver, Satan.
    My whole life I have struggled with these things and now I have found the way out! It was love, the one commandment. So I followed my spirit through prayer, it said to stop examining myself in word and start turning everything to love and to use God’s love as an example. So when I got angry, I said to myself, “this is not love!” and turned it off by thinking about how great God’s love was for me an everyone else. If my mind was trying to run wild with thoughts that weren’t beneficial, I would shut them out by singing in my mind, songs of love. Songs like the Beatles; Love, Love, Love. I started replacing every negative thought with love some way or another. At first it took some time but by three weeks, I noticed that my mind was not running over the things it used to, but on love.
    I reckon us to something like an apartment building. In your mind there are many rooms. It’s time to sweep your rooms clean. There was a room for every emotion Satan taught you. Now if you fill these rooms with love there will be no room for anything else. Satan will come, but he will find all your rooms full of God’s love and no room for him any longer. So I dare you to take the Love Dare challenge with the Pastor & Wife Starting February 1st.
    It has been six weeks now, and my wife and I see an amazing difference. I myself never thought it possible to leave all that behind, but it is working awesomely. So I dare you to turn everything to love. Let go of the past, the pain, and all the hurt as if it never happened and LOVE.
    Remember, Love conquers Satan! He will try to work his way back in using your weakest spot. So when he does, keep a song handy and sing it in your mind or read the bible>> it helps!
                                                         May your Love Shine Bright for all to see,
                                                                          May you Conquer,
                                                         May God Bless you in all your endeavors.
                                                                                Love Dave
                                                                           A Teacher of Love

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    January 31, 2016 7:38 PM EST
    Love covers a multitude of sins. Lord teach me how to love those who are difficult to love.