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  • RHM is hosting a corporate (group) fast during the month of April. While we normally fast in private, I believe the Lord wants me to invite the Refreshing Hope members to participate with us in a community fast. We plan on doing a Daniel (vegan) fast, but if you have dietary or other restrictions, you can fast in whatever way your health allows. For more information, you can view the blog post here: https://www.refreshinghope.org/blogs/1/3013/intentional-growth
  • 4/1/21 at 1:00 AM -
    5/2/21 at 11:50 PM
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    Refreshing Hope Ministries Map
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April Intentional Growth

What's New

  • Dion Todd
    Dion Todd:
    April 28: Praise the Lord. Two more days to go! I hope this finds you well wherever you are. It is time to start planning the break-fast menu. For us, meat will be back on the menu. We tend to watch a lot of cooking shows during fasting. I guess it gives...  more
    • April 28, 2021
    • Dion Todd
      Cathy Webb God is so amazing in the details: we have a family birthday celebration BBQ set up for Sunday. I don't even have to cook!
    • Dion Todd
      Sylvia Todd That sounds perfect, Cathy !
    • Dion Todd
      Harold Edwards Greetings Pastor and Sister Todd,

      How are you? This fast has been so needed for me. I'm looking forward to going to a nice Steakhouse restaurant and order the largest ribeye they have LOL; I love ribeye's.
    • Dion Todd
      Dion Todd That sounds great Cathy! And I completely understand Harold. We are planning to grind up a New York strip steak into a hamburger and stuff it with blue cheese crumbles and bacon bits. Let us know how that ribeye tastes!
    • Dion Todd
      Sylvia Todd That sounds like an excellent plan, Harold ! As Dion mentioned there, we are planning something quite similar