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Forty Days of Fasting

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    This is Forty Days of Fasting by Pastor Dion. This book is a forty-day devotional on fasting for the working class written by one of your peers. I hope to inspire, encourage you, and give you the hope to be strong one more day through a scripture and an accompanying short story that demonstrates God in action. It is my goal to light the fire of hope within you once again, and awaken your inner spirit.

    Fasting is an intricate part of our life and it has opened doors for us that had been tightly closed. This book is a true story from my own life. We did a forty-day fast and I spent time praying and journaling each day, then I created this book from the results. I try to be as open and honest as possible, and at times, it can be a little strong. This book will start with a teaching on fasting, and then go into a forty-day devotional. There are many things that I share in this book, that I have shared no where else. 

    You can buy it on Amazon. The Kindle / eBook version is $6.99 and the Paperback is $9.99:

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