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Note: This is the RHM Webstore and we have a variety of items where you can show off your support for the ministry. We created this so that our members can have a tangible part of RHM. Please note that these items are “Create on demand". That means that when you order one, the item is created and drop shipped to your address. We provide everything on the store pretty much at cost just as a service to our members, so be sure that you really want the item before you purchase it. If you return a non-defective item, then the item is sent back to us, the money is drafted from our account, and we take a 100% loss on it. Of course, if there is a defect in the item then be sure to return it and please let us know so we can improve it!


We also have a page for member authors, writers who are part of the RHM congregation, which we invite you to view!