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Montana - Summer 2015 - We were evacuated from our campsite - thousands of acres were destroyed from the forest fire.  From the ashes is rebirth.  We had gone on this trip to scatter my deceased husband's ashes in his favorite fishing river in Glacier National Park.  Here is what I wrote for that event:  


I have struggled for a long time wondering what I would say and what words would come to me.  I prayed, and God gave me the words in this incredible and life-changing trip.  Our song was “Fields of Gold” – it spoke of promises that we have made and some that we have broken – this promise that I made to you - to lay your body to rest in your favorite place on earth is one that I have kept. 

Not knowing what to say, God handed me the answers through a raging forest fire burning through this beloved land.  We can be sad.  We can mourn loss or death and destruction.  Or, we can realize that there is no death.  God gives us only life, a life that lives not only through the eyes and hearts of our loved ones, but in many forms.  The earth around us.  The smile of a stranger.  There are so many ways that life remains unknown to us.  Like heaven. 

This forest and terrain will be reborn.  The fire is not the death of parts of a majestic place but the means for rebirth, rejuvenation, an alteration of life as it continues living.  Like this land, you have never died.  Your life continues in ways unknown to us but yet known in our hearts.  You live on in your girls.  In our memories.  In the quiet places where we can still feel your presence.  We love you and miss you, and look forward to seeing you again someday.