Frequently Asked Questions:

* What is this? Refreshing Hope has a live interactive church service here each week. You type questions and prayer requests in the chat box, we read and respond live over the video.

* What time does this happen? We are currently meeting each Sunday at 10 AM Eastern Time. Click this link and find what time that is in your city if you do not know. (Ignore the event is past and just note the time in your area). Please come 15 minutes early for fellowship and to work out any technical glitches that you may have. Once the service is underway, it is too late for us to help you with your connection.

* I cannot hear or see the video: Try clicking this link to refresh the page and click play again. Be sure that your sound is up and not muted. Be sure that it is actually time for the meeting. Ask in chat!

* I missed the live service, can I watch it later? Yes, we try and record the message part of the meeting and put it on the website by the following day. It does not include the praise and worship or prayer. You can usually find the videos here.

* We also record the meeting audio to .mp3 and you can listen to them here. They include entire service from start to finish including the music and ministry time.

* Is there a way to be notified about the live meetings? Yes! We have a mailing list that use to keep everyone informed about the live meetings. You will receive an email each week on the message topic and any details of cancelations. You can sign up here.

* With google Chrome, you will have to allow popup windows from this site. Possibly with some apple devices, you might have to allow unsafe scripts - meaning "enable java"...